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Just purchased a used 2010 24SA have not accepted delivery

Customer Question

Just purchased a used 2010 24SA have not accepted delivery from the dealer yet because the sliding, folding bathroom door does not operate properly. It sticks and can not be open or closed at all? They had someone come in and look at it. Still can not fix? Any recommendations how to properly fix?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: RV
Expert:  Randall replied 1 year ago.

That is pretty hard to tell from here.............any chance of seeing some photos of the door and perhaps some explanation of why they can't fix it? This doesn't seem like too much "rocket science" here. There are very few RV problems that aren't least so long as the parts are still available. Please get back to me with some additional information and I can make some recommendations.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The door is on a curved track that slides in to a pocket. The door is made up of a few separate segments like a by-fold. Each segment has a mirror on the outside. The door hangs on a bunch of swivel rollers. I think it's a poor design and it's to heavy. I can not get you photos because it's at the dealer until I agree to take delivery.
Expert:  Randall replied 1 year ago.

It sounds like something else should be put in its place.............and sans the mirrors. I agree with you on the design and being too heavy. What does the dealer suggest as a remedy?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I use to be an auto mechanic most of my younger life for 2 different dealer ships. I also worked on specialty equipment and escavators, generators caterpillars etc.. I also am a very experienced carpenter and do not have any faith in the service center at Lamesa RV in Port Saint Lucie florida. Their Tecs missed so many things on their pre delivery inspection, it's very disturbing !
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The service manager had someone come in who repairs their interior issues, he could not fix. Now he tells me he has to have a meeting with his recon man? And see if a new door should be ordered?
Expert:  Randall replied 1 year ago.

I would see what he suggests..........they obviously need to repair it first. And most "techs" have no special training in so many dealerships that I hear this complaint all the time. One reason our site is so popular is that we can "fix" things for a whole lot less money IF the customer can follow some advice and has a grasp of tools and such. Please let me know what they advise and are willing to do. I suspect that door won't be cheap and you would still have to take some care as to not have it happen again.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I can fix most anything but after paying for such an expensive item there's no way I am fixing it. They should have someone capable of repairing every aspect of an RV. I found out this RV had 3 prior owners with a host of issues, that were repaired, which I do not mind since I found some RV's have a few issues out of the factory. This RV coach is a 2010 and sprinter cab/chassis is 2007? Only has 15k miles on it! Got it at a reasonable price.I finance most of the payment. Will will not take delivery until it is fixed. Otherwise I will call the lender and not make any payments.Your thoughts?
Expert:  Randall replied 1 year ago.

That might jeopardize your credit............better to just tell them you are going to report them to the Better Business Bureau and file a small claims action to collect the repair costs.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Have you ever had to deal with a door like this one?
Expert:  Randall replied 1 year ago. all my years working on these I have not seen one like you describe and I have been on this site for nearly 7 years and have never seen another question like it.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
do I get a refund since you really have had no experience and did not know how to repair this issue?
Expert:  Randall replied 1 year ago.

You can always ask for that here. And I have lots of experience and can fix just about anything IF I know what the problem is. You didn't give me much to work with as far as WHAT is damaged. Sounds like the dealer isn't doing much better either! Sorry this didn't get you what you wanted. I will opt out of this and allow another tech to offer something if they want.

Expert:  Randall replied 1 year ago.

Did you ever wonder why this seems like a deal "to good to be true" ? What do you suppose they aren't telling you????