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I have a 2015 Montana 3711FL. The gray an black dump cables

Customer Question

I have a 2015 Montana 3711FL. The gray an black dump cables are real had to operate, and the black doesn't close at all. I'm trying to find out what make the waste valves are, and the cable lengths(36 or 72). Only a year old and they are sticking. Not sure if the whole valve or just the cable is needed, but I want to have the parts on hand if I'm going to pull the bottom off.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: RV
Expert:  Robert replied 1 year ago.
Hi my name is***** cable will go to the valve and secured to the body with an Allen head screw, if the path of the cable is not correct or it has fallen down then it could cause the valve to operate poorly. Many times what I will do is try and move the cable at the valve and you can hear it on the bottom and trace it down to the valve, sometimes you might also find an inspection cover that is screwed to the underbelly that gives you access to the valves.IF the valve was obstructed then it would not shut all the way, many times toilet paper and debris can get clogged in that area. Changing the valve can also be a challenge depending on access many times you will have 4 bolts you remove the valve body and the valve body will have seals on each side. really important when you put the valve in to make sure the seals do not fall out or twist, on some applications you might need to spread the piping a little to get the valve body back in.I am not sure what size the cable is going to be I would think 72" but I would try and locate the valve and see how far it is from the handle. IF you are not sure I might get both sizes and just return the one you do not use. The valve should be a standard size and many are Valterra brand, just make sure you get the one for the cable...Hope this helps some, IF you have more questions or concerns please feel free to contact.... Robert
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Robert,
Unfortunately, there is not an access panel -- there will be when I'm done!. I go pretty much the same answers off some of the RV forums and was hoping to get more than a "should be" as my 5th is on a seasonal spot 3 1/2 hrs from home. I wanted to make sure I had what I needed be for my next trip. I guess I'm going to have to drop the bottom first, then get parts!
Expert:  Robert replied 1 year ago.
Yes I think that would be best you could also inspect the cable and make sure it is not frayed, cut it a little shorter and then tighten it down and see if that fixes it sometimes the cables can stretch out and then the valve would not want to close. I do not have any diagrams of your unit or I would give it to you. I have worked on different models and they are all a but different....I would make that access panel as well for future repairs.IF you are satisfied with my efforts please feel free to select a rating, it is the only way I get credit for helping ALSO feel free to follow up if needed...Robert