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I have a 27 foot f450 motor home The engine is a v 10. I

Customer Question

I have a 27 foot f450 motor home The engine is a v 10. I disconnect the battery between trips.Then go through the recommended start up procedures prior to leaving. Recently when I restart & rev the engine all the dials go to zero then when the revs drop the dials return to the proper indicator position. Any clues?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: RV
Expert:  Robert replied 1 year ago.

Hi my name is Robert....

To start I would check your cables really good make sure they are clean and tight, make sure the main ground to the frame from the battery is also clean and tight. I would next gain access to the dash and and check all your wiring, make sure the ground for the dash is properly secured, many times you will find a ground bar mounted to the floor of the dash, make sure no wires are loose. Look for any plug connectors as well, sometimes the RV manufacturer will bundle a bunch of wires and use a male and female plug, sometimes they can vibrate loose and cause problems. IF you have not done so I would have the battery load tested just to be sure it is in good condition, one thing that changes is the voltage when you rev the engine, make sure the voltage is almost 14 volts at 1500 rpms.... Hope this helps some, IF you have more questions or concerns please feel free to contact me, follow ups are included... Robert

Also thinking about this issue I might verify the voltage as well on the back of the alternator, at 1500 rpms it should be at or over 14 volts, make sure all the cables on the alternator are also clean and tight.

Expert:  Robert replied 1 year ago.

Hi was just checking in to see if my answer helped, IF you have more questions or concerns please feel free to contact me... Robert