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I have a 2015 jayco redhawk and connected to city water and

Customer Question

I have a 2015 jayco redhawk and connected to city water and have settings at 1 and 6 but am not getting any water into tank, this is my first trip, is there a vent cap that i need to open
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: RV
Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.
Hi my name is Robert.....
Need to make sure the water heater valve is in the normal position, normally the valves are on the back side of the water heater, many will have a hot cold and bypass,OR a single valve with a handle that says normal or bypass.
Beyond that is sounds like you are doing everyhting correctly. Many times the city water connector has a built in regulator and check valve, it is possible it has failed. IF the water heater bypass valve is in the normal position and valves 1 and 6 are selected the tank should be filling. If this is a 2015 then I would have it looked at. Also look for another round port on the side of the RV the manual says it could have a gravity fill that would just be a port you stik the hose in, would not get screwed in.... Below is what I am showing to confirm the operation....
City Water Fill
Use this setting if you are at a campground or other facility where the motor home
can be hooked up to an external water source.
1. If needed, sanitize the water system prior to travel.
2. Move the “water heater bypass valve” to the NORMAL position.
3. Remove the city water connection inlet cap and attach a non-toxic drinking
water hose to the city water connection inlet.
4. Place the utility center valves in the “City Fixtures” position.
5. Turn ON the water at the external water source.
6. Enter the motor home and open the cold water supply faucets to bleed air
from the water lines. When the water lines are nearly full, you may experience
some "air pockets." Allow them to escape before closing the cold water supply
7. The water heater will fill first, followed by the supply lines and faucets.
8. Turn the appropriate (12-volt or 120-volt) water heater control switch ON.
IF you are getting water going in you would feel air before the water flows...
Hope this helps... Robert