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Are there fuses that would shut off the a/c in a Americana

Customer Question

Are there fuses that would shut off the a/c in a Coleman Americana pop up, 2010? Ours just quit running.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: RV
Expert:  Michael Reush replied 2 years ago.

hi if the unit has controls on the ceiling assembly there are no 12volt fuses, however, there will be a 120vac breaker. so you need to check the breaker panel for power, then go to the ceiling panel and see if there is power there.............i say this as in a 'pop up' there is usually no wall thermostat if my thinking is incorrect, please let me know, thanks please get back to me and we can discuss this further

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Waiting for your reply, and with lots of folks drawing on the bandwidth of the wifi so it was not connecting well, I found the fuse box and switched the breaker for the 20 amp, which is what the AC is powered by. It came on, then went back off. I unplugged everything and waited a bit, then tripped the braker again and the AC came back on, but it was blowing out sub par and I turned it off. We have been here all week with the AC working fine with not too manyeople in the camp park, but now all the sites are filled, and I am speculating that the multitude of users is drawing down the power source, which may be effecting the amount of power I can draw in to run my AC unit. Does that seem plausible to you?
Expert:  Michael Reush replied 2 years ago.

hi, thanks for responding, you are absolutely correct in that with so many people in the park the voltage has dropped, and you see the result, I have seen this every summer since i was a young man , and i'm over 60 now..................

Expert:  Michael Reush replied 2 years ago.

its ohms law when the voltage goes down the amperage goes up to satisfy the load, then 'bang' the breaker goes