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DM2852R8X RV refrigerator will not cool. RV is plugged into

Customer Question

DM2852R8X RV refrigerator will not cool.
RV is plugged into 120v, gas bottles are full & on (stove burner is burning without fuel interruption, ie. no air in the system.)
Refrigerator was running on gas last night, but by morning the check light was on again. According to the manual the electric mode should override the gas function?
We unplugged the 120v, But the unit in LP gas mode will not light and does not attempt to ignite.
Bob,(###) ###-####
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: RV
Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.
Hi my name is Robert....
When you are in auto the fridge should always want to go to AC power for cooling, if it is not going into that mode go to the outside access and check the plug in for the fridge and make sure it has power. Next go ahead and unplug that cord, you will see a circuit board with some wires going to it. Remove the cover on the board and make sure you do not have a fuse blown, one fuse is for the AC side so you must make sure the fridge is unplugged, you do not want to touch it with it plugged in.
I would also check the incoming DC voltage, make sure it is above 10.5 volts.
Go to the flue canister it will run up and down and is the area that gets hot, look for a small disc with some wires, on the disc would be a small button, make sure it is not popped out. That is a high limit and will prevent the fridge from working if it is tripped.
IF you have good AC and DC voltage and all the above appears OK then it sounds like the circuit board is at fault... The key is the no sparking at all.....

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