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Years my 2006 roadtrek versitile 210 with GM gas engine

Customer Question

For 3 years my 2006 roadtrek versitile 210 with GM gas engine has given me problems with the battery (or alternator) or isolator. At times the battery runs down as the alternator light shows only 6 output. Most times after running a minute or two it jumps up to over 14 and I have not trouble. I have put in a new battery and shortly afterwards it went dead. I jumped charged it for about 20 minutes and it then worked fine for several weeks. I took it back in to Walmart where they checked it out and said it was a bad battery and they would replace it. I did not replace it as I had Pep Boys check out the whole system and they spent 2 hours and said everything (altenataor, starter, battery, connections) were all in good shape.) I also had GM dealer check it out and he said everything was good. 2 weeks later, I had to charge battery up because it was almost dead. I just got back from a 5,000 mile trip and only a few times did it drop down to 6 but it went back to charging after awhile. We have not run any of the interior lights or gadgets for over 2 years except every once in while to check that everything works.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: RV
Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.
Hi my name is***** would be suspect of the alternator, I would try to see what the voltage is on the back of the alternator when this is occurring, at 1500 rpms you should see over 14 volts on the back of the alternator. One other thing that crosses my mind is the cables, if the system was checked and all the components were good then I would be looking at all the cables from the alternator to the battery, make sure the cables are not rubbing on the frame or a screw has caught the cable, have seen that before and when that happens the voltage would drop off. IF the low voltage is confirmed at the alternator I would replace it.... Hope this helps some.... Robert