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We have dometic fridge with icemaker. No power to ac outlet

Customer Question

We have dometic fridge with icemaker. No power to ac outlet for fridge but power to icemaker. Fleetwood revolution le 42ft. Motorhome. Also cannot get hot water from heater(Atwood). Just Luke warm from ac and gas. Replaced mixer valve and didn't help.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: RV
Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.
Hi my name is Robert...
First about the outlet, go to the main breaker panel and shut OFF all the breakers, go unplug from shore-power, while the unit is unplugged go to the inverter and make sure you do not have a breaker tripped on it.. Most will have two breakers. Plug back in and then turn all the breakers on and see if you have power.
IF you still do not have power what I might do is get a polarity checker and plug it into the outlet that is not working, this will tell you if you have a wiring issue with the plug.... Most Home Improvement stores have the checkers for a few dollars... Could be a wiring issue at that outlet.
The water heater, really need to know the make and model, it sounds like an Atwood XT model is it has the mixing valve, is this correct?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes it is an Atwood with mixing valve
Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.
To start go make sure the outside sprayer valves are turned off, I have seen on some Fleetwood's if they are left open it will allow the water to mix and it might not get hot. Check that first...
I would also verify the bypass valve on the water heater, most have a hot, cold and bypass the hot and cold should be open, valve handle running with the pipe and the bypass shut or valve handle running against the pipe. Understand if you checked that already.
Next I would go to the back of the tank and look at the ports where the water lines hook up, look for a 2-3" plastic or brass nipple screwed into the port. That would be a check valve and when they fail the spring and disc can fall out and block the flow of hot water. I do not remember if they were required on the XT model because of the mixing valve.
IF the water coming out of the pressure relief is hot then you should be getting it into the RV. There is a way to adjust the mixing valve and I can tell you how to do that as well if you like..... Robert