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My question relates to the water heather suburban . How you

Customer Question

My question relates to the water heather suburban . How you install it on the relay 232948 a water heater suburban SW6DE ?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: RV
Expert:  Michael Reush replied 2 years ago.
Good morning, I dont quite understand your question, could you please expand a bit so I can help, thanks
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
On the water heater suburban SW6DEL there is a relay 232948 . On this relay there a 4 plug son . An orange wire that makes it to the switch , an orange thread that makes this a junction box , a black wire that brings the 120VAC power and another black wire to the élément that makes the water heater . My question is where on the relay must we connect 4 son ? Do you have a schema ?
Expert:  Michael Reush replied 2 years ago.
thanks for responding, please explain what you mean by 4 son, thanks, I see in my documents the relay, the 12volt supply wires, and the 110v wires out.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Presently I have a water heater suburban SW6DE and i want convert it SW6DEL . The purpose and have a 12volt switch on inside of the trailer to control the electric water heater . For that I have to install this relay 232948 . I know there are 4 plug son has this relay , but I do not know which ones . That' why I'm asking if you have an explanatory schema for the installation of this relay (232948) .
Expert:  Michael Reush replied 2 years ago.
Ok, see on the relay pin says NO this is the nomally open teminal goes to the heater, the one next to is is the com which is the line wire (120vac) the other two are for the coil, put neg from the junction box on either and the switch wire on the other ( this is the switch),,, I am sorry, but I DO NOT understand the wording you use, 4 plug son ?
Expert:  Michael Reush replied 2 years ago.
the other issue is that the sw6de uses a manual switch to turn on the ac element, and the sw6del uses an internal rocker switch that goes to a different control module (pc board) that sends the 12 volt signal to the relay