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Robert, RV Mechanic
Category: RV
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Experience:  18 yrs. RV experience including Cummins North West, Country Coach, Monaco Coach - vendor certified.
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Thanks Robert, Black water empty after borrowing Snake from

Customer Question

Thanks Robert, Black water empty after borrowing Snake from other RVer. Black Water light still shows full, even though it is now empty. Will have to purchase own snake. Toilet is brand new, wish this RV didn't break so much. Replaced 4 tires already,
purchased in Sept or Oct 2013, is 2014 Model. Have replaced all the faucets twice, toilet once... after working for Amazon in the winter of 2013, and 2014 in Coffeyville, Ks. Is there a way to keep system from freezing up on the way home from Winter Work Camping?
It worked fine with Heated water hose, etc. while we were camping. We followed instructions and drained everything, let the water drip until nothing came out from all faucets including shower - still had to replace all faucets. Dealerships say they froze on
the way home. It is costing us about $2,000.00 a year in repairs/replacements, this seems excessive for a New Camper. If we wanted to play the constant fix it game we would have purchased an older camper. We are unable to find internet copies of the Manuel.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: RV
Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.
OK First off on the black tank with it reading full, fill the tank to about 3/4 and add several bags of ice down the toilet with some chemicals and drive the unit. Sometimes the senors can get debris on them and the ice will help scrub the tank with the chemicals. The more turns and bumps the better.What you can do next time to prevent the freezing fixtures and lines is after you drain everything hook up a blow out plug at the city water connector and add about 40 psi of air with all the faucets open and it will blow any remaining water out of the lines. The blow out plug cost a couple dollars and most RV stores have them, it will have what look like a tire stem valve on it. The other way is to purchase a three way valve kit and install it at the water pump, a hose will go into a jug of the non toxic antifreeze and when you turn the pump on it will draw from the jug. Also the water heater has to be drained and bypassed. The air method will work and only takes a few mins to do. IF you have more questions or concerns please feel free to contact me... Robert

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