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Dads Mechanic
Dads Mechanic, RV Body Repairer
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Experience:  I was a rockwood camper dealer for many years from 1970 on many years Servicing motor coachs, rv's and motor homes.
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I have a 2006 georgetown forest river with 15000 has

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I have a 2006 georgetown forest river with 15000 has a f 53 frame with no air bags. It leans to passenger side with 1 nch in frount 2 inch rear the driver rear has a 1 inch spacer shim between axle and spring no spacer on passenger side .if i remove spacer do you think it would level or do you have any other ideas.The springs look ok to me.

Dads Mechanic :

sorry for your trouble. let me ask you a few questions first. Did you just notice this condition? or has it just happened? Jim!!! Thanks for coming to Just Answer.

Customer: It has always seem to lean some but on trip few months ago passenger frount seem to lean more so camping world said frount shock was bad so they replaced frount shocks but since we noticed it leaning more again. I dont believe a shock caused the lean but anyway i let them replace them
Dads Mechanic :

Shocks have noting to do with spring height. Shocks only dampen the rebound of the springs when you go over ruts and bounces from the road. Roads ar genarly crowned. So to compensate for this vehicle manufactures usually add spring leaves to the right side of the vehicle to level it out. If the 1 inch block is on the drivers side i think thatt when they manufactured the chassis someone placed the spacer on the wrong side. You could move the spacer to the right side and this should level the unit out. You could also air shocks on the rear and keep the right one more air in the right than the left. The best bet though is moving the spacer block to the other side. You can go to a local spring shop and ask the I'm sure they ill agree. Jim!!!

Customer: Thanks that confirms what i was thinking
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