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Randall, RVIA Certification
Category: RV
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Experience:  RVDA/RVIA Master Certified Technician with many years experience.
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my itaska winnebago power steps have stoped working ,, it was

Customer Question

my itaska winnebago power steps have stoped working ,, it was slow the last time it was used but now it has no sound or clicking ,,the door switch and the pannel switch has no afect,,, got a fix to tell
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: RV
Expert:  Randall replied 5 years ago.

Hi: Thank you for coming to Just Answer with your question. My name is Randall and perhaps I can assist you with this issue.

When was the last time you checked the batteries? These need to be load tested and the cable connections cleaned at least once a year. Steps are very reliable and usually most of these problems are battery related. Check that out first and then get back to me if this persists and we can go from there. All follow ups are included in our fee. No limit as to time or number of responses needed here. If you need to get back to me please include the make and model of your steps.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

just took the plug apart from the motor and scraped what i could off and put back to works but still is slow like the motor is going what is the prob ??????????????????

Expert:  Randall replied 5 years ago.
It can be any number of things. Has this step had any lubrication on the pivot points lately? Is it bent slightly and binding? I would take a DC voltage reading AT the motor and be sure that isn't the problem. If you do need a new on this will take an upgrade kit as the OEM motor is NLA now. Most dealers stock this. Do those tests first and see what you find and report back to me. All follow ups are included in our fee.
Expert:  Randall replied 5 years ago.
Just a short follow up here to see if some lubrication was helpful on this issue? And were you able to have the batteries load tested? Please get back to me if you need more on this as all follow ups are included in our fee.

Please don't forget to rate this response when I have fully addressed all your concerns related to this issue. I don't get paid for my time otherwise. Thanks!