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Ford F53 Motorhome Chassis: 1999 Ford F53 Motorhome chassis.

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1999 Ford F53 Motorhome chassis. Where inside the fuel tank (forward, middle, rear) is the fuel pump located? It is a 70 gallon tank and after returning from a weekend camping trip I have a no start condition where the engine cranks but it does not start. The tank is a little more than 1/4 full and is parked on the curb with a significant tilt to the curb side of the street. Is it possible that the pump is not receiving fuel because of the tilt? The generator does not start also so this is why I suspect this.
Thank you for using Just Answer, I will quickly, and methodicly work through your repair needs.......Thank you.........Michael, hi the fuel pump is located in the center of the tank,,,,,,,,,,,and to access it,,,,,,,,,,the entire tank must be dropped..............the generator pickup runs aprox 1/3 down from the bottom,,,,,,,,,so yes on the gen not starting,,,,,,,,,,,and as far as the no start,,,,,,,,,see if the fuel pump gets a signal to pump when cranking.......wires are visable back at the tank...........
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Is it possible that the fuel pump is experiencing a no fuel condition due to the side tilt of the street it is parked on? I think it is strange that the generator is experiencing a similar condition. Also, I have heard that these fuel pumps can fail without any warning. The chassis has only 47,000 miles. Is it normal for these pumps to fail so soon?
Unfortunatly the pump can fail at any time..................I doubt that the tilt has anything to do with the engine no start...........again ck for a positive signal to the fuel pump when cranking (you will need another body) and if the signal is there,,,,,,,the fuel pump is bad............Its not what you want to hear,,,,,,,and its not what I want to 'share' with you......but thats the next step.....................
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
When you say to check for a positive signal are you saying that I should check and see if the pump is receiving current? Or can I just lay down under the coach and listen for the pump to prime; and then assume if I don't hear it priming that it is non-functional? If I have to check for a positive electrical signal, where is the best location to do that? I have already have checked the fuse and that is OK.
thanks,,,,,,,,,you will see wires leading to the fuel pump a the tank,,,,,,you will of coarse have to look,,,,,,,,,,,but you will find them,,,,,,,,see if a positive signal along with a ground are being sent to the pump when cranking......the vehicle uses two different circuits to the fuel pump.........cranking,,,,,,,,,sends power to start,,,,,then when oil pressure is acheived,,,,,run.................but at the fuel pump it all looks the same,,,,,,,,,and you wont notice any differance..........were looking to see if there is a signal from the system to activate the pump..........its a chore to drop the tank even on a good day,,,,,and lets make sure its in order...........Michael

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