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Cavalier: 2006 salem has a wfco 8955an converter

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Just bought a 2006 Gulfstream Cavalier ( FEMA ) model and there is no converter. Is there anywahere I look to find out what model converter I need. I am sure it will be a 55 AMP as my 2006 Salem has a WFCO 8955AN converter in it.
Thank you for using Just Answer, I will quickly, and methodicly work through your repair needs.......Thank you.........Michael First of all I am suprised that there is no power converter from the factory (as I'm sure you are)............Reading on I see it has been removed.............No is my recommendation .........first of all,,,,,many times the converter is included in the distribution panel..........This will be a matter of sizing up the hole left,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the other is a 'stand alone' converter which sits on the floor behind the distribution panel, and is wired is the stand alone I recommend.........graphicThese converters are far superior the the factory units, in that a 55 amp converter/charger which in the old days had 5amps of battery charging available...........these units give you 55 amps of battery charging if necessary,,,,,,,,,,any amperage not used to power lighting ect is AVAILABLE for battery charging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

There is no power distribution panel in the 2006 ( FEMA) Gulfstream Cavalier. It is part of the Converter as it is in my 2006 Salem. I understand a stand alone would be good if I had a power panel, but I need the converter and panel in one unit so I can re-attach the wires.


I have a WFCO 8895AN converter and panel in my Salem unit.


Now the Gulfstream does have rooftop A/C, Dometic Microwave, and full size refrigerator as well as 12 Volt lighting. It is a wall mounted converter under the stove in this case.


Also where may I find a wiring diagram for this trailer to save me time instead of chasing wire by wire.


Again I am an Auto Transmission Tech for 40 years and can chase wiring with my power probe and a test light or DVOM.

unfortuantly to find the wiring diagram for your unit is a dream...........HOWEVER, give me the size of the opening the converter came out of , and I can give you the replacment model....................
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

The opening for the converter is 12 and 3/4 by 11 and 5/8.


I have another one of these FEMA Trailers at camp, but can't remember what model

of converter was in it. I know it wasn't a WFCO brand.


Figure I'll go to RV repair place around the block from my shop tomorrow and buy a new converter if they have it in stock. They carry quite a good inventory. Going to try to have this up and running for next weekend. Still have to seal the top before I haul it to camp. This is my 3rd travel trailer.

cool........if you still need my help let me know,,,,,,,,,,hooking it up is a snap, I can help you with that ...................but first If the wires were left there in a mess,,,,,,,,well have to do some testing,,,,,,,,,Never take anything for granted.........Michael
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