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1985 rv with a onan 4.0 genset ran fine

Customer Question

I have a 1985 RV with a Onan 4.0 genset generator. I just bought this from a fellow who had it tuned 2 years ago and said it ran fine. It would not start when he showed it to me and I checked the gas guage and it was almost empty and he had not started it for two years. I put gas in the RV but no luck. I took it to a reputable dealer and he said it needed a fuel pump and charged me $350. The generator starts but surges and he told me not to use it as it could damage the roof air and microwave. When I said I wanted it to run, he said it might need a new carbuerator for $350. more...but wouldn't guarantee it as he said it might need a "voltmeter" and didn't even quote me a price on that. I am stumped as the hours on the generator show353 which is really not that high. Can you give me any suggestions as I really don't think there is anything seriously wrong. I am open to any help I can get. Thanks,
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: RV
Expert:  jmlloar replied 5 years ago.
Modern gasoline doesn't store well. I doubt the fuel pump was bad just gummed up with varnish from bad fuel. I would pull the carb and have it cleaned and refreshed. This should solve your problem. Also if it doesn't already have one install an in line filter between the tank and the fuel pump. If it has one already replace it. if it has one after the pump replace it also. Generator should be started every couple months for 15 or so minutes just to refresh the fuel in the carb bowl when its stored. or shut off the fuel and run the carb dry for storage.

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