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I have a 1998 fleetwood prowler travel trailer with coleman

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I have a 1998 fleetwood prowler travel trailer with coleman roof A/C ,atwood furnace ,coleman mach thermostat. I have a distribution box with 115 ac breakers and 12 dc fuse panel,all of which are working including the furnace fuse. I have no 12dc to or at any terminal on the thermostat,furnace,or ac unit . I pulled the distribution box to test and follow the leads,found furnace lead hot and split with 0ne lead going into the floor and the other going up in the wall. I followed Airxcel,Inc RV products diagnostic flow charts for testing A/C,furnace,and thermostat, all tests lead back to thermostat and said reestablish 12dc to thermostat,but with no 12dc coming into,out of or at any point on the furnace or A/C and not being able to trace the furnace lead any further I'am lost. Please HELP!!! Thank you Ray
Hi Ray,
The furnace 12 volt wire comes from your 12 volt distribution panel,with a test light or volt meter check every 12 volt fuse?At the furnace you have 4 wires,red-12 volt pos to the furnace,yellow which is the ground and two blues which are the thermostat wires,with 12 volts on the red at the furnace,one of the 2 blue wires will also be 12 volt hot,which goes to the thermostat power in terminal,first term on the left,the other blue wire then goes to the other furnace term on the t-stat.The thermostat gets its power from the furnace,if all the fuses are good and everything else in the unit is working on 12 volts,then you have an open wire or bad connection between the heater and the fuse panel,depending on how far the furnace is from the fuse panel?It may be quicker to run a new power wire to the furnace from the fuse panel rather then chasing the original wire to find the open connection.If you have any further questions let me know.
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