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faucet turned on it will trickle out then stop.

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Yesterday the water was working and then last night stopped flowing from the faucets. When the faucet turned on it will trickle out then stop. Have checked all outside water. Water coming into the RV. I checked the fresh water level. The light flickered and then went out. None of the lights come on in the panel of levels. Does that mean the battery is out, and would water flowing be controlled by the battery?
Are you hooked to a water hose to the city water connection and have no water from the faucets?If so,there is a check valve in the city water connection,they will break and then shut the water supply coming into the trailer off,the city water connection will have to be replaced.Let me know?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Water is flowing through the hose going into the RV. Getting water is not the problem. It is not city water. RV IS getting water, just won't come out of any faucets.
Hot and cold side or just hot?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Cold water from our well is being fed into the hose that feeds our RV. Since water barely trickles and then stops when the faucet is turned on, no way to know if the hot water heater working or not. The faucets only have the one lever handle to turn on the water, doesn't change if move over to hot water side, trickles and then stops. Not sure if that is your answer for the question you asked.
Where the hose hooks to the unit,there is a check valve in this connection,they will break and stop water from flowing into the coach,pull the hose off,remove the washer and screen,if you look in the line you will see a spring and the check valve,if it is loose and normally the spring will fall out,this connection is bad and will have to be replaced,it is stopping the water from getting beyond this point.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
OK, I will check that, but my question was also does the battery have anything to do with water coming in, can the battery be dead and water still flow throughout the RV? The light panel wanted wven light up. About a month ago a new AC unit was installed. The crew encountered a small solar panel. They said it likely didn't go to anything, but now I am thinking the battery is dead. If the RV battery is dead would the water pump work on electric?
If your unit is plugged into 110 volts the converter should be charging the battery and supplying 12 volts to the lights and all other 12 volt circuits as well including the pump,if the unit is not plugged in and you are only running off battery power and it goes dead,the pump will not work.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I really appreciate your being available on a Sunday morning when no rv service areas are open to consult. But my main and original question still has not been addressed. Basically cutting to the chase, if the battery is dead, for whatever reason, will it's being dead stop water from flowing to the faucets? The RV is connected to power. The panel lights are not working. The water pump will not turn on.
If you are asking if the water will flow from the hose if the pump does not work,the answer is yes,these are two completely separate systems,the hose will pressurize the coach anytime the water is on from the hose, the pump will pressurize the unit from the on board water tank when turned on,if the battery is dead and you are plugged into power,then you have another problem as well.Your battery should be charging anytime you are plugged in.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I guess I ironically have two issues at the same time. I have removed the hose while waiting for your replies and exposed the small screen. It was covered with muck, pretty gross since coming off of a well system treated with chlorine. I am about to removed this screen and washer. You are saying that this screen and washer are separate from this spring and check valve inside? I am praying that removing the screen and washer wont damage the check valve if not the culprit.
Sounds like you may have found the problem,if the screen is clogged you won't get water into the unit either,check valve is behind the screen and washer,can't damage it.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I would like to see a post about trouble shooting when power goes out and then comes back on and soon after water stops flowing. Just cleaning that screen and discovering the check valve and spring are working just fine, worked and I now have running water. I didn't know to check the screen. However, my battery appears to also have a separate issue. Thank you for your time. Expensive lesson to check that screen. It was the screen being clogged that was the problem, not the check valve, fortunately. Thank you.
I would have to say when the power went out and came back on your well pump picked up some sludge and pumped it through your hose,which in turn clogged the screen on the city water inlet?
gene and other RV Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
For future assistance to others, it wasn't immediate, took about 4-6 days before the water just stopped. Was an interesting mystery. Thanks for your assistance. After you send back your response to this I will accept your answer. Thank you.

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