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Atwood..Fan powers up, can hear electrode firing

Resolved Question:

troubleshooting Atwood furnace on 2006 Dutchmen. Atwood 8531. Fan powers up, can hear electrode firing. Gas supply is good. Attempts 3 trys, then gives ignition fault (light flashes 3 times). Verified electrode is 1/8 inch. -- Troubleshot to gas valves not getting voltage. when electrode is firing, no voltage at the valves, nor at the supply wire coming out of the circuit board to the valves. Figure it is either one of the switches (limit or sail) keeping it off, or the circuit board V+ output to the valves is bad. -- Last few things: ohm through sail and limit switch to verify continuity, and if good, run jumper from battery to valves (bypass board) to see if I can get igntion. If so, that would probably give me a good feeling that the $212 board is bad.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: RV
Expert:  Robert replied 5 years ago.

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IF it was the sail or limit switch you would not get ignition.

The circuit board will not receive power until the sail switch is closed by adequate air flow from the blower. The power must also flow through the limit switch.

When the circuit board is triggered by this current, it delays ignition for about 15 seconds to allow the blower to purge the combustion chamber of any unburned gases.

The circuit board then sends high voltage pulses to the electrode assembly, providing a series of sparks to ignite the gas/air mixture.

To me it sounds like a control board or electrode issue if you are getting gas. Make sure the connections are good at the board. Make sure the ceramic on the electrode is not cracked or it can ground out.

Most shops do have a tester for that board, some charge a small fee and others do not...


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