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I am getting no signal from my tv antenna. There must be a

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I am getting no signal from my tv antenna. There must be a splitter box somewhere, but i can't find it. Any idea where to look?
the first thing to make sure is that you have a digital TV or a digital converter if not. assuming you have that, since it worked in another RV.
there should be a Antenna booster located in the RV somewhere, usually in the bedroom. where you can turn the booster on or off.
this is also a splitter. it takes the signal from the roof antenna, and park cable and sends it to the other TVs in the unit.
If you remove this from the wall, you will see 3 cables going to it. they should be marked.
check these connections. try unhooking the TV antenna cable and directly hooking it to the TV, bypassing the booster. this will tell you if the problem is in the Booster or antenna/cables. (you may need to add coax to make it long enough to plug into)
make sure the booster is turning on and off. In 99% of cases, the booster is needed to get a signal, so if it isn't on, you probably wont get anything.
check the connection at the Antenna itself. look for corrosion. undo it and make sure it is clean inside.
there is also a union, where the cable enters the roof, however you will need to remove the antenna usually to get to this and it rare they go bad, so i would leave that as a last resort.
so first check the booster. make sure turns on.
next remove the booster, check connections behind it.
check roof connection at antenna.
if those all check out. may need a new antenna. again this is not common, as they have no moving parts, but water ingression can cause issues. a new antenna will come with a new booster too, so you can replace both at once.
try that and let me know.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Ran a new cable from antenna to booster. Works fine. Cable at antenna is grey, cable at booster is black, so there must be a connection somwhere in between. I have looked in every access point I can find.
Yes. The cable from the antenna is only a few feet long. It connects to the main cable to the booster once inside the roof.
That's the connection I mentioned before. To access it you may get lucky depending on how they installed it. On your antenna base you should see where the cable goes in to the roof. Should pass through a rubber grommet and into the base. If you pull that grommet off and pull the cable out. Hopefully there is enough slack that you can get the coupler to come out.
If not or if the cable was run through a separate hole not in the base, you will have to either remove the antenna base or the cover covering the cable access on the roof.
As I said, it's very rare for this connection to go bad since it is inside and is just a coupler. But if it wasn't installed correctly at the factory then it could be the problem.
Check the connectors at the booster. Wiggle it etc. Make sure it was installed onto the cable properly. Often they don't strip the coax properly and it doesn't make contact in the connector.
Failing that then it's possible something has broke or shorted the coax in the wall or roof.
Since running a new cable worked. Obviously it's in the main coax check that union connector in roof but if that seems ok you may have to run a new cable. If it's damaged in a wall or ceiling it be impossible to get at without pulling ceiling or wall panels which is not an easy task.
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