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Ford E450 Coachmen RV Where can I find the fuse box for my

Customer Question

Where can I find the fuse box for my E-450 Coachmen RV? I have no owner's manual. Also, there is a fusebox/relay box under the hood with main fuses and some small fuses but I don't have a diagram for them. I may be looking for the wrong thing to begin with-On a recent trip my stop lights/signal lights quit working at the tow attachment point. The brake lights work and the stop/signal lights work on the coachmen itself, but I can't get that power thru the cable to the tow vehicle. I have checked the tow lights with another vehicle and they are good, so the problem lies with the attachement on the Coachmen somehow. Help?? [email protected]
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: RV
Expert:  Randall replied 6 years ago.
Hi: Thank you for coming to Just Answer with your question. My name is Randall and perhaps I can assist you with this issue.

Sorry I didn't get to you earlier..............most of the time this is due to a bad taillight converter or some loose wiring in the plug. It can be some fuses as these are fused separately from the coach. Most are under the hood and your owner's manual from Ford should show you the locations. With a 12 VDC test light you can track this down if the fuses test out. A new taillight converter isn't that expensive and most RV shops will carry them. Please get back to me if you need help with the testing. R.J.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I have checked the converter for the wiring harness-4 pin RV type to 4 pin trailer type(the light set is magnet attached with trailer type wiring), and the power gets thru to the lights just fine. I checked by removing it and testing the lights with and without the converter with a separate battery. Since the tail/brake lights do work on the coach, that's where I thought the problem must be in the wiring to the trailer hitch point. As stated before, the taillights work fine, but not the signal/brake lights when hooked up to the trailer hitch point. I don't have an owner's manual so I have no idea which fuse to check or even where it might be unless it is in that main box under the hood. -robert
Expert:  Randall replied 6 years ago.
I would go to Ford to get one............always good to have. The fuses for the towing are separate from those on the coach. You can take a 12 VDC test light and probe the leads coming into the taillight converter and see if there is a signal current coming in. If there is, then the problem is in the converter. If not, they you need to check the fuses. Under the hood you can take the cover off and the fuse schematic will be on the inside. If they are blown it may be due to miswiring on the plug OR the converter is shorted out on those leads and blowing them. If you find them blown and replace them and it happens again without plugging in anything, then the converter or the leads in the plug are suspect. It would be unusual for it to be someplace else, not that it couldn't but rare. Let me know what you find and we can go from there. R.J.
Expert:  Randall replied 6 years ago.
Did you get this resolved or do you still need some help? Please let me know. Thanks, R.J.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Well, Randall, you've already got my 18 dollars and I don't really begrudge it, but what I needed most all along was guidance on where the fuses were to check and which fuse, etc. Since I didn't get that, I took a flashlight and looked until I found the fuse box under the dash behind some stuff that made it really difficult to locate, the I just pulled every mini fuse in it one at a time as well as the mini fuses in the power distr box under the hood until I found 3 bad fuses. I replaced those 3 and voila, everything works again. By the way, for your info, a pdf format owners manual is available online from Ford and I got one downloaded to my computer now(this would have been info that really helped me from the beginning it I had gotten it), so I can check things out there from now on. Thanks anyway-robert
Expert:  Randall replied 6 years ago.
Your deposit is only that until an answer is accepted.............and since no answer was accepted you can ask for that back. Glad you got hold of a manual which is what I suggested. We just can't recall several thousand different coaches or all years, makes and models. This format doesn't replace hands on...........but, it does a good job most of the time. R.J.