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interior lights..12 volt..replaced the batteries..generator is running

Resolved Question:

The interior lights will not work using the 12 volt system. I have replaced the batteries. The lights will work if the unit is plugged into the 110 outlet or the generator is running
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: RV
Expert:  Nick replied 7 years ago.
what make and model is the motorhome?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
it is a 2008 fourwinds windsport 36z class a. The power converter is working but there is no power going to the coach fusepannel.
Expert:  Nick replied 7 years ago.
sounds like the disconnects are bad.
when you press the disconnect switch, does the light come on?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
no, I tried resetting the disconnect a couple of times with no success. the unit only has 9000 miles on it. stored with a cover during off season use.
Expert:  Nick replied 7 years ago.
ok... when you reset it. do you hear it clicking?
reason i suspect disconnect is, when your plugged in, converter is providing 12v to the fuse panel. once you unplug, the battery should take over. it passes from battery, through disconnect and then to fuse panel, so we know the 12v system, inside coach is ok, since converter is working ok. some of the older windsports had a master fuse, but i dont believe yours does.
you should hear the click from the disconnect when hitting the switch.
we can do some tests on it, make sure it is letting power through ok. if you have a test light or volt meter.
failing that, check to see if yours has the master breaker. it will be located not far from the battery. be a square black device, with a raised bit in the center. there is a little tab that flicks out the side of that raised bit,
may also have smaller, auto resetting breakers but i dont think so, not on the house batt side anyway.
do you have a test light or meter that wwe can do some simple tests with?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I checked for a master breaker, I could not find one. I followed up to the master fuse pannel. Using test light Ihave determined there is no power leaving the pannel.
Expert:  Nick replied 7 years ago.
ok.. so just to be sure i am following correctly.
when plugged in, power everywhere.
when not plugged in, you have power at the fuse panel, inside, but it is not coming out any fuse?
did you test the connection that goes to the fuse panel itself?
reason i ask is, if power to the fuse panel, but nothing out of it. after checking the connection itself, which i assume you did, most likely its a bad printed board.
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