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rm..would be the prob,the rv dealer who put new guts in closed

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I am trying to fix my Dometic rm 1282 ref,I had new coooling system installed in the back and now the freezer is cold but fridge wont reach desired temp, I was thinking of installing a dinasauer micro p -711 board,do you think that would be the prob,the rv dealer who put new guts in closed down and I spent $ 1000.00.Thanks
Hi: Thanks for coming to Just Answer with your question. My name is XXXXX XXXXX perhaps I can give you a hand here. Did the dealer test this before he gave it back to you?
Did you leave it sit upright once you got it back in for at least 4 hours? If not, turn it off and let it sit for about 6 hours and then restart it. Be sure it is level. Are you running it on AC mode or LP mode? Did you test all the components before you had them rebuild it? Lots of questions I know, but I need to know what you have done and haven't done so far. Did I help you with this at an earlier time? I will watch for your post. R.J.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
This was done last year,and has been used 3-5 times since then,if it is perfectly level it works better but has never worked good since rebuild,what tools would i order to test a board is $99, if the freezer works good does that mean the chemical in tubes is working,but temp setting isnt right,thanks
It can be..........the thermistor may be bad and not calling for enough cooling. Several things can come into play here. Are you on LP or AC mode? Let me get you a manual for this so you can check some things. Is this in a slide out or not? The dimensions for the set off on the back are pretty critical. The manual gives those. A Dinosaur board is adjustable on the thermistor circuit which is handy. A new thermistor isn't expensive and you can do a test to check it. Do you have a VOM meter? This test is easy is you have one. Get back to me with these answers and I can tie this down tighter. R.J.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The same on LP and AC not in a slide,I am trying to order a board from partsfortechs I will see if they have a resistor,but if the microp 711 covers that I wont botherI have a multimeter that does OHMS etc,manual would be nice,thanks
Take the thermistor loose from the control board up in the top L/H corner. It is the bottom plug with just two leads. Take the thermistor bulb off the fins inside and mark where it is so you can put it back on. Put it into a glass of ice water and take an ohms reading on the leads.......should be between 7K and 10K ohms. Go HERE for a manual on this. Notice the clearance on the back between the wall and the cooling unit. Should be less than 1/2" and be sure there is no debris on top of the condenser fins. Sometimes insulation falls down on there. Take the vent cover off and look down into the area with a flashlight. Be sure no birds have built a nest up there or any wasps. Let me know which fin the thermistor was on and was the bulb against the fin or not. R.J.
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