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I have a 2000 R-vision motorhome the auto park brake will not

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I have a 2000 R-vision motorhome the auto park brake will not release where should I start looking to fix the problem?
Hello , my name is Joel
I see you question has been up for some time , and I will do my best to help you troubleshoot your auto-park system.

With the key on and the engine off - can you hear the auto-park pump running when you shift out of park ?

I will watch for your reply.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No we had to pull the pin out of the cable to release it to get home on our last trip fluid appears to be full all the fuses are good.
Ok , thanks for the reply

If the fuse looks good , then I would suspect a possible defective pump motor relay , or a defective pressure switch on the pump assembly.

The image below should help you with troubleshooting the electrical system.
Also verify there is 12 volt power at the #30 terminal on the pump motor relay.via the fuseable link.

Let me know if you still have any questions or concerns.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
the auto park light stays on all the time the bake light was staying on i checked the park relay and its good now the park will go out and I can here the pump pump up but the auto park light is still on what should i look for?
Ok , thanks for the reply
If the system seems to be operating properly - yet the indicator light stays on , then it could mean the park brake cable needs to be adjusted.
There is a switch on the actuator that senses if the park brake cable is too loose , it will then turn on the light , and on some later models - will also sound an audible alarm...
The cable can be adjusted tighter by loosening the jam nut and turning the 3/4 hex adjuster...SEE THE IMAGE BELOWgraphic

There is also a fluid pressure-sensing switch on the actuator cylinder. If this switch senses less than 350-400 psi , then it will turn on the warning light in the instrument cluster....Sometimes these pressure switches will go bad and actually leak fluid....

If the pump seems to operate properly and there are no leaks , then I would first try adjusting the cable tighter maybe 3 turns on the adjustment nut....
If the light is still on , then it might be a bad pressure warning switch...
Use the diagrams below to help troubleshoot the warning system.
When adjusting the park brake cable , be sure to block the wheels securely.

After the cable adjustment , you want the brake to hold the coach from rolling on a steep incline, but you also need to be sure that the brake is not too tight - causing the brake to drag while in travel...The coach should roll freely when shifted into neutral...

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I appreciate the help so far today I got to check it out good the pump pumps up the auto park light stays on and the pump pumps up over and over about every minute or so I checked all the pressure switches on the pump, valve and master cyclender nun of them showed to be opening and closing when the pump goes on and off ?
Ok , thanks for the reply

If there are no external fluid leaks , then it is possible that you have a defective pump pressure solenoid valve that is allowing the fluid to leak backwards to the reservoir.
But my experience tells me that the problem is most often a bad pump assembly - which is a fairly expensive part.
A set of special high pressure gages and fittings would normally be required to confirm the problem from here on.

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