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1986 prowler: i need to know the trailer weight and the tongue weight

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i need to know the trailer weight and the tongue weight for my 1986 prowler travel trailer
Hi: Thanks for coming to Just Answer with your question. My name is XXXXX XXXXX perhaps I can assist you with this. I need to know the model number of this trailer or at least the length. Get back to me with that and I can help you. R.J.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

The model shown on the DMV registration is 20. i manualy measured the length & it's about 21 ft, with the bumper & tongue it's about 24 ft. Printed on the handle next to the door is Prowler 23P. Attached are some pictures.


The reason I need to know the weight is because I was towing it for the first time yesterday to go camping and the check engine light in my car came on. So I was wondering if it's too heavy for my vehicle. I drive a 1999 Dodge Durango 4X4 manual 5.9L engine w/a 3.55 axle ratio. Maybe you can tell me if the Durango is capable of towing it (I don't know if you know about cars too).




Great photos..........thanks, XXXXX XXXXX job! The tow rating for your Durango is 5,900 lbs according to Trailer Life. Go HERE to view that. According to the NADA website you coach is about 3,955# XXXXX This can vary with equipment. So even with the weight of the hitch which should be a weight distribution style for best results you should be fine. You may have to shift down to third or even second on some grades to keep the rpm up on your engine so it doesn't overheat. Lugging it down and low rpm keeps it from cooling.
Using higher octane fuel will help. As for the tongue weight I am going to say about 750 lbs. I don't know if there is a spec around on one this old. You can take it to a truck scale and weigh it and find out. You would need a figure with just the Durango and then one with just it on the scale but the trailer in tow. This will give you the exact tongue weight. Hope that helps........get back to me if you need more. R.J.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thankyou so much, randall. I have a weight distribution system rated for a tongue weight of 800lbs, but the front of the durango still lifted about 1.5 inches instead of settling. Any idea why? oh, and how long is my trailer, 20', 21', 24'?
It is considered a 23' model, hence the "23P" designation. That should be fine on the hitch. You can adjust this some and you want the trailer to tow as level as possible. You might consider air bags on the Durango to get more lift and stability in the rear. Several companies make them.......AirLift and Firestone to name two. Try loading your trailer with more or less weight in the front or rear and you can make "adjustments' that way as well.
Usually, you want less tongue weight, but every trailer tracks differently. Don't forget to have the wheel bearings done at least every other year on the trailer. Losing a bearing can be very costly! If you ruin an axle it can take weeks to get one made. Call that a "bonus" on this! R.J.
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Thanks for the "attaboy".........and the bonus........much appreciated! Please tell your friends about our service here on Just Answer. Most of the time we can get you a quick answer and save you quite a few $$$ and you don't have to make an appointment! R.J.