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I just purchased a 2000 Jamboree 24 ft class C by Fleetwood.

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I just purchased a 2000 Jamboree 24 ft class C by Fleetwood. It doesn't have a car jack which makes it risky when having a flat tire. It has 2 dual tires (4 in the back):
1-Where do I purchase such a jack?
2- How do I remove the wheel covers?

I appreciate your help. Thanks. Joe
Hi: Thanks for coming to Just Answer with your question. My name is XXXXX XXXXX perhaps I can assist you with this. Get at least a 10 ton bottle jack at any automotive store. They are not expensive. Have a piece of 4 x 6 wood about 18" long or something similar to use when you are in soft soil as the jack doesn't have much of a base and will jack right into the dirt. A piece of 2 x 12 or 4 x 12 is even better. You can get a pry bar there as well and they come is sets sometimes. Kind of like a large flat blade screwdriver on an angle. You can use a large flat blade in a pinch. A large rubber or plastic hammer is good to bang them back on. Take care to line up the valve stem hole. Also have some wheel chocks to keep the vehicle from rolling. Pull the emergency brake on when you do this. Get back to me if you have any more questions relating to this. All the best, R.J.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks R.J,

I'll get the 10 ton Jack. So the 8 bolt covers (stainless steel like) seem to be just covers and non of them is say key to opening the entire wheel cover.. right? cause the tire service next door didn't seem to know how to remove the SS-like wheel cover and when he tried with a flat pry bar he kind of slightly damaged the cover side (damage to the cover will also happen i would think if i bang them back with a plastic hammer). I'm under the impression opening them may be easier than that. I could be wrong. I appreciate further insight. Thanks. Joe

I should have mentioned that there are several types. Some actually have a set of two nuts that hold them on. You twist off the "fake" lug nut to access them. They use both styles on these. The ones held on by a stiff spring wire around the lip with some dogs with teeth on them can be hard to get off and you definitely need a mallet to get them back on.
The two "false" lugs are usually marked so you can tell them apart. It is Monday! R.J.
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