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Fleetwood: Workhorse Chassis Chevy 8.1..Overdrive..Park..starter motor

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I have a Fleetwood Flair RV. Workhorse Chassis Chevy 8.1 liter motor Overdrive transmission (not Allison)

In Park there is NO POWER to the starter motor.(Starter is OK, Battery is OK, all fuses and solanoids OK.
Is the problem coming from the steering column or from the transmission? Please help and input appreciated.
Hi my name is XXXXX XXXXX Welcome to Just Answer.
The neutral safety switch might be the problem or the ignition switch it self, and both are on the lower part of the column.
First a couple of questions...
Does it start in neutral or any other gear?
When you turn the key to the start position, does it feel normal or does it feel restricted or different than when it worked before?
If you get a little aggressive with the gear shift ( moving it from Park to low And back a few times) does that make it start?
If you click here it's a site that shows pictures of the ignition switches that might be the same as yours. When you turn the key to start, a metal push rod moves the actual electrical portion of the switch to the different functions and maybe the switch is bad or misaligned.
Lets start there and let me know if any of that makes sense to you.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Tim,
Thanks very much. First of all I am the daughter of the owner so amrelaying all the info :) . Here is the situation and answers to your questions in order. No, it does not start in any gear or neautral. The key feels normal (no different). Moving gear shift makes no difference. The metal push rod moves freely.

Now more info. In the ON position (not Start) there seems to be no voltage . And there is no voltage to the fuel pump.
hello...does anything work on the dash or the column like the signals, guages on the dash and so on. Is there any power to anything when the key is turned?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The INTERNAL Coach system operates (slideout , jacks, etc...) They don't think any lights came on the dash (they had to have it towed so are not with it) and never checked the turn signals.
He hooked up an external voltage meter which read 13 V. constant even when ignition was turned to on.
Also an ASE mechanic did 3 separate fuse panel checks and they all registered OK ( does that make sense as far as me explaining?) BTW THANK YOU for this.
Your very welcome, yes it does. You are going to need a mechanic for this. Quite likely there is a burnt out fuse link on the system and they will need to locate it. They can be hidden in a few different places. I wished I could be more help.
Thank you
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