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what are the pros or cons of a diesel pusher vs a diesel puller

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what are the pros or cons of a diesel pusher vs a diesel puller engine in a rv?

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First I would look at the length you are considering, anything over 35, 36' I would consider a diesel. This will come in handy for power climbing hills and towing (more torque).

The diesel will cost more up front for purchase however you will get better gas mileage with the diesel pusher. You will need less routine maintenance on a diesel pusher, however the cost will be higher when you do need maintenance. Diesel engines for the RV application are very durable compared to the gas units. CAT and Cummins are the big vendors for the RV application on diesel. CAT is getting out of the RV application and Cummins is going strong with coach care facilities that work only on the RV application, that would be something to consider on how fast you can get parts.

IF this is a big RV class A I would go with the pusher, a smaller unit such as a class C I would drive both, and get what ever you feel comfortable with. Please feel free to ask any follow up questions...


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

thanks for the reply, I have had both gas and diesel engine motor homes and I prefer the diesel. I was checking out a gulf stream 2007 39' and it has a 300hp cumins upfront diesel puller engine instead of the rear pusher, it says it get 11mpg going 65 which is better then the comparable gas or rear pusher and more towing power. I have never encountered a upfront puller and wonder if it is as good or has less or more problems and which is easier to fix. Thanks



Glad you have had one so you understand more then most folks, I was trying to be basic thinking you never owned an RV. I would have to say as far as being reliable it is the same as the rear pushers. As far as working on them I find that the front and mid engine applications are a little more difficult. Probably has the ISB which is the entry level engine for cummins and the RV application. I would be sure that it has enough power on a 39' RV. The other options would be an ISC or ISL. The gas mileage seems great at that speed also. The only downfall I see would be if repairs are needed maybe a little more labor time for access, not allot of these front engines compared to the rear pushers. I would also test drive it and make sure it is not lacking the power you are looking for, since you have owned some RV'S you should know right away....


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