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GM: winnebago..Service Engine Soon..I Connect with OBD II Scanner

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1994 winnebago GM 454 "Service Engine Soon" Light is on. Can I Connect with OBD II Scanner? Can't find connection. Otherwise how do I evaluate/ Reset problem?
Hello , my name is Joel

The pre- OBDII connector is different , and will not connect to an OBDII connector .

If you dont have a scan tool , you should be able to get the blink codes...

There should be a diagnostic connector that looks like the one pictured below...If it is not mounted below the dash , then it might be tied up out of sight behind the dash...

Use a paper clip to connect terminals a & b with key on and write down the blink codes ...

code 12 would be one blink , then a short pause the 2 blinks for the second digit. etc.

Reply with the fault codes , and lets go from there.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for the answer. It took a while but I did locate the OBD connector.
33 -MAP voltage High on the table I looked at
85 - not listed in the table

Any thoughts?

Hello Dan , Thanks for the reply.

Fault 85 could be a transmission input speed or output speed sensor out of range , a damaged harness , or possibly a the torque converter has stayed locked up when it should not have been locked up....It may also represent a PROM error...

For the fault 33 , I would inspect the MAP sensor and harness for damage or poor connection , and inspect the vacuum line if there is one. I am not sure where exactly it is located on your engine...If the fault returns repeatedly , then replace the map sensor...

Removing the negative battery cable for a while should clear the faults.

Please let me know if you still have any concerns.


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