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I accidentally yanked my breakaway switch cable after parking

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I accidentally yanked my breakaway switch cable after parking my Cougar 5th wheel. Now I have no battery power to anything, even after re-inserting the breakaway actuator. The batteries are good, the fuses are good, but I can't slide the slide-out in or out, raise or lower the unit or turn on any 12 volt lights. Where's the magic switch I need to flip?

Lyn Relph
Hi Lyn,
In the battery area,follow the cable to the resetting 12 volt breakers, they will have a black push button on the end,reset it.That will restore 12 volts to the trailer.If they are using more than one check them all.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
There's a block in the battery area but no breakers. There's a fuse box/power converter inside the door with both 120v breakers and 12v fuses but no black button to push. I tried resetting all the breakers and I looked at all the fuses, they look good but I didn't pull each one to see if it's bad.

I'm sure there is a black button somewhere in there, but Keystone Cougar does things their own way and won't let any of us know what's going on. Do you have any more ideas?
Do you have a meter to check the voltage at the batteries?
Do you have 12 volts when the unit is plugged in?
The last couger I worked on had the 12 volt circuit breakers near the batteries,when you follow the positive wire on the battery it should go to it.Can you see where the cable goes?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I tried my recharger on the batteries, it showed full charge.

The wire goes to a block on the wall, then the wire goes through the wall and under the floor (towards the fuse box, I guess)
What does this block look like,does it have two terminals on it?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
There are two little junction blocks where the small wire from the battery goes in at the lower, a heavy wire goes from the lower to the upper, and then another heavy wire goes through the wall.
graphicOk Lyn,
Does this look similar to the block, only they should be gray in color,if so these are 12 volt circuit breakers,on the end there will be a little black button,push it in to reset.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes that's what they look like but there is no black button that I could find. And I crawled all over them.
if you have a volt meter check for 12 volts on the stud that comes from the battery,there should also be 12 volts on the heavy wire going into the wall if not the breaker is bad and needs replaced.
You can also jump across the studs and see if you get 12 volts in the trailer,if so replace the breaker.
These breakers are the only thing stopping the battery power to the inside and they normally have a reset on the end of them,its always possible they have been changed.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you Gene, I'll run that test first thing tomorrow morning and I can click Accept at that time. You've done a thorough job and I appreciate it.

If you run your finger around the outside edge of those breakers you should feel the reset buttons.They seem to be using these on everything now,but they don't tell you about them.
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