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1998 fleetwood: southwind..the new gasoline fuel nasals..tank

Resolved Question:

I have a 1998 fleetwood southwind storm. With the new gasoline fuel nasals in California I am not able to fill the tank. The nasal stops after only allowing a few ounces in the tank. I had a mechanic check it out and he said there was a kink in the line and did his best to straighten it out. I still have the same problem. I never had this problem prior to the gas stations changing the size of the nasals. Any ideas?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: RV
Expert:  technotony replied 8 years ago.

Hi, my name isXXXXX these the new nozzles with the vacuum to suck the fumes out of the tank as you are filling? I have had this problem before. There really is not legal solution, if you tank vented someplace other then in the filler neck it would not do this, and I am not telling you to vent your tank to the outside. I have a friend that puts the nozzle in and pulls the boot back with his had so the tank will still vent when filling. I'm afraid there is not much you can do if you cannot find a station without the new nozzles. It is one of those legal things.


Try putting the nozzle in and then pulling the boot back so it can vent better.


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