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I have a norcold 6162

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I have a norcold 6162. When trying to turn on electric it trips the GFCI breaker in bathroom. I plugged a portable heater into the outlet and it worked fine so I assume the outlet is good. When I try to light it with the propane the igniter sparks and the flame burns until the igniter stops sparking then goes out.

Hi, my name isXXXXX sounds like your control board has gone bad. It is not uncommon for this to happen, and happen all of a sudden. They run about $100.00 or so and usually take care of the problem. I will give you a picture of the board I am talking about, it is easy to change out and you can get them at most of the bigger RV stores like Camping World.


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I confirmed the payment.

I removed the GFCI and the electric portion of the fridge works. I hoping it is a bad GFCI. The breaker doesn't trip (while I bypassed the GFCI)

On the gas side, the flame lights until the igniter stops then goes out. I'm thinking the thermocouple/igniter.


That is a good thought. Another expert and friend of mine e-mailed me to say you may have two things going on hear not just the control board. I think he may be correct. Make sure the thermocouple is clean and in the flame. I am sure you have probably done this. If it is in the flame and the flame still goes out then it could be the thermocouple, and it still could be the board. Thermocouples are cheaper so you may just want to change that first.