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How to Winterize & Dewinterize My RV

Resolved Question:

How to Winterize & Dewinterize My RV
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: RV
Expert:  Nick replied 8 years ago.

what unit do you have....

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
2008 surf side 34E gas
Expert:  Nick replied 8 years ago.
to winterize you have a couple options.... easiest and most common for home user, is to drain fresh water tank, then add 6 or 7 gallons of antifreeze to the fresh water tank...
bypass your hot water heater.. this is either done at the back of the water heater by turning valves to shut off water to the heater and from it, or some models have a valve located by the city water fill. which you turn.. your user manual should tell you how to bypass your particular water heater...
drain the water heater by removing the drain plug. opening the pop off valve first to release pressure...
then good to open your low point drains, let the water come out.. close the back off and then use your water pump to pump water to each faucet, hot and cold side until pink comes out. do it at every faucet, the toilet, and outside showers etc.
if you have a water filter, remove it first and take out the cartridge..
also drain your holding tanks.
the other option is to locate your water pump and then use a length of water line with a screw on fitting. remove the tank side of the water pump and attach your line which goes into the antifreeze bottle and the pump will pump from this instead... the rest is the same as before... this is how most rv dealerships do it, as it uses less antifreeze. you can usually by kits for doing this from camping world which make it easier.

to dewinterize. drain your fresh water tank to get remaining antifreeze out... then fill it about 1/4 full with fresh water and then use your pump to pump fresh water to eeach faucet until it runs clear...
once its running clear, you can turn your water heater bypass back on and reinstall your filter cartrigde...
its good to drain the fresh tank again and refill, you may see some antifreeze show up for a little while, its not harmful and doesnt taste of anything, so no cause for concern..

Thankyou for your question.. please remember this is the answer page and to click accept if you are satisfied with my answer so i get paid for my efforts..
thankyou and please let me know if you require further assistance.....

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