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i bought a 1971 dodge apollo motor home with a 413 engine it

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i bought a 1971 dodge apollo motor home with a 413 engine it runs but i am sure there is water in the fuel, sat for 8 years with new gas, filters etc i am sure i can make it go it runs drives but chug chug and white smoke out exhaust no blow and smells lie "bad gas" by my question is what improvements to engine performance can i make to have a reliable long range cruiser, ie: electronic ignition,headers 3" exhaust etc who makes after market ignition for the 413     IF all else fails which gas engine is best swap i am capable of all above repair thank you tom

i see this question has been unanswered for a while. i did some looking around to see what was around for your engine and Jegs have a fair bit that fits your engine, including upgraded mopar ignition, manifolds etc.
i have dealt with jegs before and they have been very knowledgable. if you call them with your engine and what you are looking for, they will be able to tell you what they have and what you can expect to see from that..

i am not a dodge guy experience wise, so specific to your engine, im afraid i cant speak from experience.. however, a good starting point is the ignition.. upgrading your intake and exhaust is always another good starting point. i personally use K&N for intake, ive sworn by them since i first started doing cars and never been let down.. not the cheapest options but by far, in my opinion, best bang for buck.
campingworld also offer a banks system... my access to their site is slow, so i was unable to look at availability for your engine specific, but a call to them, they can look up if it is available for your engine, and if so, that is a worth while investment.. usually includes headers and exhaust, but i dont know for sure if it is available for your engine age...
i would start by checking out those few things and making a trip to and looking at what is available for your engine there... calling them is a good idea, as they will have more knowledge specific to your needs usually

you can check them out here

hope that is some help to you.....

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