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How do you adjust slide out Horizontaly We purchased this

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How do you adjust slide out Horizontaly ? We purchased this rv and the pin sheered when the slideout was retracted its almost like one track is ahead of another. A rv center has tried to adjust but no luck I dont think they know how . Please help thanks Andy , Butlerautomotive.
what is the make of your RV and is the slide electric or hydraulic?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
2002 mako by gulfstream with electric slide
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
2002 mako by gulfstream with electric slide

what has most likely happened is, when the pin broke, the room got out of time...

look under your slide room, with it out, you should see 2 sqaure support beams attached to the room that run back into the frame of the trailer.... where these beams get to the frame, you should see a gear system on both sides, connected with a square rod, most likely where the pin you are talking about broke? although usually they use a nut and bolt...
the motor pushes one side of the room, and that in turn pushes the other side, via this rod and gear system.. it is possible to adjust the timing of this system, so both sides run together as they should, however it is a little involved to explain so please bare with me.

you will need to runt he room about half way...then remove the bolt (7/16th usually) connecting the small sqaure rod.. you should now be able to remove this rod from one side. just want to disconnect the 2 sides...

now, you can use a pry bar, or large flat screw driver, and prying the gear, you can move one side of the room, 1 tooth at a time.... one tooth will make a fair bit of difference though, so best to use a measure and measure from the wall of the trailer to the slide room facia and get them as close as possible.. problem you will have is, getting the bolt back in, there is only 2 holes and so often you find when you get it perfect, you cant reinstall the bolt, so you will need to fiddle with the timming on both sides until you get it as close as possible to even, and can reinstall the bolt....

you also have other adjsutments you can use to maybe tweak it aftwards... the 2 large bolts attaching the slide to the square rams, are slotted, and you have a small amount of movement in those...
its tricky and takes a while.. do small adjustments and be careful you dont adjust it too much that it doesnt seal when open...

the long bolt hanging down at the end of each beam, adjusts the tilt. you can lift the front of the room up or down, to tweak it more and over come small gaps.. but this adjustment has to be done with care as it can cause leaks when the room is in or out, so just take your time and expect a lot of back and forth until its right

hope that makes some sense.. if you need any more help or explanation, please let me know...


Thankyou for your question.. please remember this is the answer page and to click accept if you are satisfied with my answer so i get paid for my efforts.. thankyou and please let me know if you require further assistance.....

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