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I have a 1976 Dodge RV with a 360 two barrel carb. The motor

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I have a 1976 Dodge RV with a 360 two barrel carb. The motor was rebuilt 5,ooo miles ago and a RV cam put in at the time. I have good power, but I want more for the hills when it is loaded. I don't care about fuel economy, I want power. There is some slight initial hesitation when I stomp on the gas from a stop, so I had the loose distributor replaced. The hesitation is better, but my mechanic says the carb needs to be replaced. I am thinking of putting the money towards a four barrel change for power, but my mechanic says I won't get much more power on the hills. What percentage power increase will a four barrel as opposed to a two barrel carb provide for those nasty hills, and what do you think headers, and dual exauhst (now single exauhst) will do for the horsepower?   Thank you. Stuart

I have a 1977 Dodge Class C RV with the 360, since new & I switched to 4 barrel & headers with Dual Exhaust & (to my est.) I gained about 10 - 15% more power, but hills, fully loaded & with a boat, still bogs it down like it has a 2 barrel.........but seems to pull a lot better.
I also noticed that my Fuel mileage incresed while towing 1 -2 miles per gallon.
I am in the process of locating a Overdrive unit for it.


I believe the swap was worth it at the time, but with prices now, not sure if it is beneficial

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I was looking for something more specific in relation to a two barrel to four barrel. What is the increase of horsepower? Do not compare anything else (ie: fully loaded with a boat!?) What is the technical %HP increase between the same 360 with a 2 barrrel carb as opposed to a four barrel? Is it 10% increase or 12%, or what ever, the govenor is not the load but rather the same motor driven on the same road, but compare 2 to 4 barrel HP's.
I do not tow, and personal experiences are interesting, but what are the true specs (HP/Torque/ more lower end power or more high end power) on the same motor with two different carbs?
The headers and duel exauhst are a no brainer, but what about the carb diiferences on the 360?

Thank you.


Dodge rated horsepower for 1976 360 engine:

2 barrel = 180 @ 4,000 rpm
4 barrel = 200 @ 4,400 rpm

11.11% increase


With the different Cam & recent rebuild, the horsepower could go either way.
The only way to get accurate horsepower readings would be on a Dyno

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