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shower water in rv not draining Just had rv hooked up to ...

Customer Question

shower water in rv not draining? Just had rv hooked up to our septic tank.Its a 1994 Monterey Cobra Motorhome.Plumber hooked it up using pvc pipe,all valves were left open ? Had to drain shower with a bucket and dump outside...Are we doing something wrong, dont have manual.Also water pump on most of day is this okay or should it stay off.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: RV
Expert:  Robert replied 9 years ago.

Hi There!

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Could you hear the water pump running all day? Do you have tank level indicators in the RV? IF so what are they reading?

Thanks, RJ

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to RV help for u's Post: yes we have tank indicators dont really know how to read them. I hear noise when I turn pump on
Expert:  Robert replied 9 years ago.


A couple more questions. Are you hooked up to a city water source? This is typically a garden hose that will go to the plumbing bay? And on your tanks you should be able to read the levels for Fresh, Black and Grey water. Are you still hooked up so your tanks can dump?


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to RV help for u's Post: We have a well,we paid a plumber to hook Rv up to our septic tank using pvc pipe under ground today for permanant use.We have a special white hose connected to rv for fresh water.Can read levels for fresh,black,grey water dont know what colors green, orange ,red mean.yes tanks are permanently hooked up to our septic tank.Plumber left valves on black and grey open all day,pump was also running.I closed valves and turned pump off when shower would not drain and added stuff to toilet to break down waste after reading some articles online.I dont have the owners manual and I dont know if its okay to leave both valves open this way all day- there isnt really any info online about permanant hook up to a septic.
Expert:  Robert replied 9 years ago.


Understood. First the water pump should be turned off. The water pump will take water from the fresh water tank and pump it through out the RV. When hooked up to a city water source you do not need the pump, there should be adequate pressure from the incoming source. A reason the pump could of been running is if your fresh water tank is empty or it could of been trying to recirculate the city water. IF this pump was running not being hooked up and the fresh water tank was full I would be concerned about a leak, this sounds like it is not the case.

Now the Black and Grey water. The only thing that should go into the black tank is your toilet. All your sinks, and shower go into the gray water tank. The reason it would back up is blockage in the plumbing especially the p-trap. Also the shower normally will back up first when the gray water tank is full. In your plumbing bay is the handles for the black and gray water dump valves. Sometimes these valves will actually break and even though the handle is out the valve portion is stuck shut. This is why it is important to understand your tank levels. IF you gray water tank is reading full, the valve is stuck shut or the holding tank in the ground is full. (also when the sensors get old and dirty they will give false readings) One thing you can try is to get the water down and try using equal parts baking soda and white vinegar,put the baking soda down the drain followed by the vinegar. Depending on how bad the clog is, you may need to do this more than once. Also you can try very hot water after adding the vinegar. Adding liquid draino or a similar product can do damage to various seals and may sit in the tank and cause fumes.

Thank You! Please hit ACCEPT for my efforts, Positive feedback and BONUS welcomed!!