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I am looking to buy a high end Travel Trailer or luxury model if there

Customer Question

I am looking to buy a high end Travel Trailer or luxury model if there is such a thing. Can you tell me some brands I should look at first. I am considering a Cardinal but I am trying to identify other in that class. All answers based on construction/engineering and maintenance. I specifically would like to go aluminum frame and a gel coat hardwall. I have info on New Horizon also however I live in Canada and they are a hard item to get to see first hand.
Please comment on Travel Trailers only....I'm not interested at this time on 5th Wheel Trailers.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: RV
Expert:  Bill Gibbs replied 9 years ago.
Customer When looking for a good coach for your needs, you need to look at everything, especially the floor plan you want. I worked at a dealer that sold Cardinals and in my opinion they are not worth the money you spend on them. They have several issues with parts of their coaches, like slides and leaking. In my opinion you might want to look at Monaco coaches, like Alumascape, Alumascape Presidential, or even Next Level coaches. They make a quality coach and have a good warranty policy. You can also look at Teton and even Alpenlite makes a quality coach.
Expert:  Nick replied 9 years ago.

i agree with bill gibbs. Cardinals are not all they are cracked up to be. they are a nice camper, but fall victim to the same problems, much cheaper, lesser trailers do. a nice used one is often more value for money than new. in my opinion.
Also agree, teton make a nice trailer, if not a little on the heavy side in comparison, but well built coach, although really to get the good quality with teton, I have seen it more in their 5th wheels.
Airstream. although no where near the quality they used to be, since thor took over, still a nice trailer. I personaly HATE working on them, its like working with dynamite, just waiting to mess up. but they are a nice trailer, over priced i think, but you also buying a 'status symbol'. and structurally, pretty well built. they hardly ever leak anyway.

:dont accept this answer, it is merely adding to what was already said by Bill.: