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Motor home..a tow bar is hard on the car because of tire skid..caddy

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I want to pull a car behind my class A motorhome. I have been told that using a tow bar is hard on the car because of tire "skid" or "bounce". Many have recommended using a car caddy instead of a tow bar. Which do you feel is better and why?

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What kind of RV do you have and what is the tow vehicle? Are you referring to the car caddy so all 4 wheels will be off the ground while towing?

Thanks, RJ

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to RV help for u's Post: Hi RJ! The motorhome is a 2008 Fleetwood with a workhorse engine/Allison transmission. 5,000 lb. rating on the hitch. The car is a 2008 4x4 Durango with a weight of just under 5,000 lbs. I have verified through Dodge that the car can be towed using either a tow bar, with all 4 wheels on the ground, or a car caddy that raises the front 2 wheels off the ground. According to Dodge I am fine either way. I just need to know if using a tow bar with all 4 wheels on the ground is hard on the car in any way. Sources I have talked to think that it is hard on the tires and suspension of the car. They also report that there is tire "skid" or "bounce" when using a tow bar with all 4 wheels on the ground. Which method do you feel is better and why?


I would prefer the tow Bar. After the bar is unhooked, it easily folds up and is out of the way. It is also the lowest in price. There are three types of tow bars. Rigid, Self Aligning, and Car mounted.

The rigid tow bar is solid and extremely sturdy. It does require two people to use this particular type of hook-up; one to drive the vehicle and one guides. It is the lightest of the tow bars and the least expensive.

The Self Aligning tow bar allows one person fast and easy mounting or removal of the tow bar. The tow bar adjusts to the vehicle position and will extend to the full position as you pull ahead with the motorhome. It is very user friendly.

The Car Mounted has a quick release and is easy to remove. If you leave the tow bar connected to the car there is the possibility of damage occurring. With the tow bar in front of the car there is the prospect of hitting a car in front of you or running into a pole. Also, with the tow bar on the car it does have a cosmetic effect.

I would say in your situation the self aligning tow bar should work out fine. I would have this professional installed by an RV facility that does this on a regular basis. I see Many RV's every day and the majority use tow bars it is not to often you see the dolly used and I think it is because it is a hassle to use. Hope this helps.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
RJ...Have you ever heard of the tire "skid" or "bounce" using a tow bar?


Honestly I have not heard about this. I have a contact in the towing field if you like I can ask him his thoughts, this may take a few days to get a response, but I would be more then happy to ask him?


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I would welcome any input your contact may have, as any information I can get would be useful. How can you contact me with the information? By email? If so, my email address [email protected] You have been very helpful. Thanks RJ.


I will contact you when I have some information, I will be able to still respond to your question.

Thanks, RJ congrats on the new RV Laughing


Here is the information I have for you.

First if this person is concerned about wear & tear on his car the best thing he can do is purchase a 4 wheel enclosed trailer in which to transport his car. Then all the wear etc will be on the trailer. Of course then he deals with having insurance, license and where "do I park the trailer when I reach my destination"? My recommendation is towing with a tow bar 4 wheels down. Regardless of which he uses a dolly or tow bar there is still wear on 4 tires (2 tires on dolly, 2 tires on car) or ( 4 tires on car). As to the skid or bounce I have been towing with a tow bar for 35 years plus and never heard these terms. In my opinion they don't exist. The only skid I know of is operator error where he fails to have key in the incorrect position and steering wheel is locked. In this case when you make a right or left turn wheels will skid instead of turn. Bounce... the only thing I can see in this area is the car has bad shocks, bad tires and front end out of alignment in which case it is not safe to tow it or drive. Sounds to me like someone is really pushing a tow dolly or is against towing period. A car's suspension is still going to allow up/down movement even if it is on a dolly. Hope this answers your questions.