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How do I find out if the person in my tin type photo is

Customer Question

How do I find out if the person in my tin type photo is someone famous ?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Research
Expert:  Michael replied 1 year ago.

Hi Doug,

You might have seen the National Geographic show a few weeks ago about the person who bought a 2 dollar tintype photo and from all the research and experts believe that it is Billy the Kid:

To see if anybody in your tintype may possibly be a famous person in history, inquire further with those in the industry such as:

1. The photography museum recommends that to speak with an expert in this field. They suggest contacting:

2. Your local college and/or university is another place in which to speak to the history department to see if they can look at the picture and see if anybody could be famous in the tintype.

3. Antique shows in your area will often have experts in their field who can look at the tintype and see if someone stands out.

4. While it may not be in your area right away, attending the PBS show Antiques Roadshow is a great way for experts in history and photography to look at the tintype to see if there is any historical value.