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I live in Spain and have a left hand drive Clio which is a

Customer Question

Hi, I live in Spain and have a left hand drive Clio which is a 2001 model, I think.
The car drive very well and I have no problems with the steering but there is vertical movement in the steering wheel. There is no sideways play and the wheel does not move up and down the line of the column but if I lift the bottom of the wheel up towards the windscreen, there is movement od about 5mm. I have no idea how long this has been like it or even if it is normal but I would like an explanation before going to a garage. About 18 months ago, the car had a the engine replaced and it has also had work done on the steering lock about a year ago. One person has told me the car needs a steering rack and another has told me it is a simple job relating to a tapered bearing somewhere along the steering column. You can understand why I would like an accurate and honest opinion before I go to a garage.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Renault
Expert:  350matt replied 1 year ago.


this sounds like the internal column bearing is badly worn

these are just a plastic sleeve type that are pressed into each end of the column outer tube

there's very little load that goes into them and so they normally last the lifetime of the car

to replace them steering column has to come off and new bearing / bushes are then pressed in

probably about 4 hours labour and 40 euro in parts