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Mike, ASE Certified Technician
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Renault megane: i have a megane 07 1.6 changed the timing belt

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i have a megane 07 1.6 changed the timing belt and when you turn it by hand it locks up leave it for a min and it goes past no prob turn it anti clock wise and it does not lock up

Mike : Hello and Welcome to justanswer..
Mike : If you are positive that the timing is set up correctly, then this must just be compression build up as you rotate the engine...

hello any idea what could be wrong

Mike : This is actually borne out too by the fact that you say, leave for a min and it's ok, you can turn it further... This is because the compression escapes while standing...and hence you can turn it further..
Mike : Hi there..

took the plugs out


still the same with the plugs out

Mike : Right ok... And it does exactly the same with the plugs out ..? Have you tried it like that ?

yes but anti clock wise does not lock up

Mike : Ok, let me check, what is the cars full reg number...

cant remember it was a job for one of the lads in work i deal with land rovers


could it be anything to do with the dephauser pulley on the right

Mike : It could be yes... I'm just bringing up your car..
Mike : Is this an ordinary megane 1.6 ..nothing special about it ?
Mike : There are three different 1.6 versions..

its a hard top convert but engine is just a k4m

Mike : Ok good
Mike : The engine does def need a locking kit.. Did you use one did you say
Mike : .
Mike : ?

only on the cams

Mike : Right.. You didn't pin the crank no ?
Mike : Did you def not pin the crank / lock the crank?


Mike : Ok, can you recall where the key way was on the crank when you built it up ? Fitted the belt up and tensioned it ?

at 12 oclock

Mike : Thats the normal position yes. Did you note if it moved at all, any after or while tensioning ?

no but even with the old belt on and marked to the pulleys it still does it

Mike : I understand what you are saying..what was your concern with the dephaser, ? Did you have something in mind?

just strange that it does not do it anti clock wise plus when i put the new belt on the second time turned it by hand and it was just compression no locking up for about 6 turns came back to it and it started to do it again

Mike : Ok, did the belt break, slp or was this just a service job ?

thats why i thought it might be the pulley knocking the timing. it was just a service job

Mike : Ok, one moment ..
Mike : Sorry about that.. Ok just one more thing, when you timed it all up..and set the tension, did you rotate the engine twice to see if all aligned again ..?

when i got two thirds of the way round on the first turn it locked

Mike : Ok, in that case, the ONLY thing in all of this that I can see that hasn't been done right, is the crank pin not being used... I really cannot see another reason why you should be having these that's the only thing we know,not to be right in the whole process, you are going to have to obtain the locking pin and do it ,set it up with that .... And im sure all will be ok them. There is just nothing else that you have said that's not weird as it may seem, it has to come down to that I'm affaid.

ok thanks

Mike : I really can't see anything else that is wrong that is going to have to be your way forward on this one now...and I'm sure that will sort it for you..
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