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Terminal..speed sensor..the speedo, on a 1999-2000 Kangoo 1.9 diesel

Resolved Question:

How do I test a 4 terminal heat sensor, fan not working, and where is the speed sensor, for the speedo, on a 1999-2000 Kangoo 1.9 diesel? Please
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Renault
Expert:  Mike replied 5 years ago.

Mike :

Hello and Welcome to justaswer..

Mike :

Please give me the Full reg number of the vehilce -

Mike :

Please use the reply to type your reply here- once I receive your reply, I will get back to you asap.. Rgds, MIKE..............................




I have just accepted your answer, something I didn't mean to do. Can it be reversed?


My original question is ambiguous. The 4 wires applies to the heat sensor, not the speed sensor.

Mike and other Renault Specialists are ready to help you
Expert:  Mike replied 5 years ago.
Hello again - Im afraid the chat system stopped working causing a hold up - I apologise for that - We are now in Q/A but thats fine..

I know what you meant with the speed / heat sensors - Im afraid there is no data on the testing of the heat sensor ( resistor its actually called )... but I can tell you they often fail.. If you by pass that - and supply 12 v to the heater motor from the loom ( pick up the supply with the switch on - either wire , - if it runs then the resister is faulty. If it doesn't - then the motor is suspect faulty .

As regards XXXXX XXXXX sensor - this if you dont find it on the transmission casing, is combined with the Abs sensor on the front passenger side -usually, though when you buy another -give your VIN to Renault parts and they will confirm for you per your exact vehicle, which side it is..

Im very pleased to have helped you - let me know if there is anything else .

Best Rgds- MIKE..
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Sorry Mike but I originally asked for detailed answers and this falls a little short. I originally stated that the heat sensor had 4 wires. I assume 2 are used to transmit variable resistor data for the temperature gauge to operate. The other 2 I assume feed data back to the ECU for fan and EGR operation. I have to say that the engine runs irratically, especially at low revs, could this be an EGR problem thrown up because of a problem with the heat sensor? Is the fan switch, fitted to the left side of the radiator a 2 wire unit and, if so, could it be shorted out to check fan works at operating temp? Could I put a live in to the fan so it works all the time, would that be an effective work round.

One thing I didn't tell you, the speedo worked before I did the head gasket. It worked some of the time but has steadily got worse to the point it doesn't work at all now.

There are a number of questions asked here, it's very important I get detailed answers so I can move to the next level. I have paid £33 to '' and I need a solution so please work with me. I am on holiday for 5 weeks in less than 2 weeks and I don't want to leave my son with a van that has so many faults. Thanks. Richard
Expert:  Mike replied 5 years ago.
Hello again - thank you for your reply / message.

I actually misunderstood you , I thought you were talking about the heater fan / resistor system, not the cooling fan ( though the actual tests still apply re supplying the fan etc to test its actual operation ) The "overheat sensor" and the Abs / speed sensor are very different items and I have explained re the Abs / speed sensor situation for you.

If I had known about the engine running problems that would have altered things in that it would have been obvious to me what you were meaning.. As you say, there are a number of questions here - that you didn't ask at the outset and a lot more information re the fault and what you have been doing - I couldn't possibly have guessed all of that - The system gives you the opportunity to provide all the information for any expert to deal with you - which is obviously needed - The lack of information was the reason I mistook what you were referring too.

So the "heat sensor" you referred to at the outset, I assume must mean what is actually called the Ect sensor - Engine coolant temperature , sensor.

A faulty Ect sensor will often not put the fault light on the dash and will often not show as a fault on diagnostic tests - They are cheap and very easy to replace - As such , when these types of problem come up on such a vehicle - we recommend replace the sensor straight away ( the Ect sensor).. and with a genuine part - not an aftermarket one.

Often the problem is then cured with no more trouble.

So that is what I suggest you do here - especially as you have time constraints - but you may well find the problem is sorted just like that. Again, they are fickle sensor at best - so its never a waste of money in any event.

So I suggest you do that now as your next move. Actual tests on an old Ect sensor are never reliable due to the construction of the sensor internally - so you just cant go off that .

All being that will cure it - and once again, as I said at the outset, get back to me if needed..

Kind Rgds - MIKE..

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I changed the main coolant temperature sensor and the engine seems to operate at a lower temp. Problem still exists with the speedo. I changed the speed sensor but the problem still exists. Somebody could have said the the gearbox oil would gush out when the sensor was removed. I considered it but didn't think it would be below the oil level because of it's relative position, next to the output shaft, and it's hieght.
I'm on holiday now returning 7th Jan so unable to do anything till then but I still have a speedo problem. Perhaps you could consider the next line of enquiry for me?