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Renault Kangoo I have an intermittent problem when speedo

Resolved Question:

I have an intermittent problem when speedo stops working and at the same time odometer stops ticking off miles. It seems random, and goes off for about 20 percent of driving time.

Trouble is when I take it to mechanics it always seem to be working.

It is a 2002 Renault Kangoo
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Renault
Expert:  Robert replied 6 years ago.



Hopefully i can help..


First checks to make would be the speedo sensor/plug connection contacts and sensor wiring by tracing back for breaks etc.they maybe able to check for 12v on one wire,an earth and the signal wire to check continuity between the speed sensor end and the dashboard/instrument..quite often the sensor itself can be at fualt and is located into the diff casing of the gearbox,sensor can be aquired from Renault...However on some without the speedo sensor on the gearbox then yours if fitted with ABS your speedo/odometer will take readings from the ABS system via the wheel speed sensor and sometimes if thats the case then an ABS warning may flag these would be other areas to have checked before the dash cluster is replaced if need be,some online companys can repair clusters so it maybe worth enquiring with them too once the cluster itself has been confirmed faulty ..if not then it will have to be a new one fitted...

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks v much for all that - is the speed sensor directly connected to the odometer problem?
Expert:  Robert replied 6 years ago.



The odometer will be in conjunction with the speedo or take its readings from that via the ECU..if the sensor wether it be on the gearbox or if yours is part of your ABS system..then if any of those fail or the signal is interupted in anyway caused by a wiring/plug fault or even the sensor itself then the odometer can't see wether the cars moving hence the same situation with the speedo if you see where i'm coming from.....


The sensor on the gearbox should look like this as on ebay for example..


Robert and other Renault Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I have had a new speed sensor fitted now which has cured problems with speedo and odometer.

Since then I have had throttle problems, which manifested in a variety of ways.

1. engine misfires on diagnostics, leading to coil and spark plugs along with cables being replaced.
2. tick over problems on starting then engine shut down - diagnosed throttle start/stop errors. Throttle (electronic) replaced along with wires - cables.
3. surging and hunting on gear changing and cruising. (this had been happening all the time during prob 1. and 2. Now I have new Throttled Body too.

I suggested the latter from my research online but the garage said this would be much more expensive (it was).

So three questions:

Do you think this is a fair enough work up to eventual solution?

I now at least have new everything but could have been Throttle Body causing all symptoms?

Are there potentiometers in throttle and throttle body and can you give me and idea what they look like?

I am quite limited in my mobility due to multiple sclerosis and can't get under hood to look anymore.

Would appreciate comprehensive answer and will be generous.

Expert:  Robert replied 6 years ago.



with the first question it would depend exactly what they found "if" the problem you had flagged up any engine management lights / fault code(s) and what checks they made according to which faults codes where stored before they concluded and roughly pin pointed the fualt before replaced anything...and very often it can be easy to suggest wiha problem like you have as simple as sparkplugs/leads/coils, though ecu can't detect wether sparkplugs are faulty / niether the leads / intake system leaks after MAF,vaccum system leaks / bad fuel or pressure,or delivery so no fualt lights..but only in a sense the coil(s) if faulty since they are controlled via the flywheel sensor/ecu...the engine itself is similar as in the Clio car..which does have well known issues regarding the throttle units causing power loss issues / Poor idling / engine missing / rough running / intermittent cutting it could be as you have mentioned in your second question quite more than likly the throttle body was the issue, again usually this should flag up specific fault codes i would of thought depending on the machines capability..The electronic potentiometer/angle sensor will be inside the throttle body electronic side inside the black cover which your multiplug is connected too.the black cover is usually rivited so access will be restricted so it would be hard to se it unless you have a spare you can strip down..there will also usually be a position sensor at the throttle pedal which you will see a multiplug connection going to .which the ecu monitors and controls position the throttle flap as per the position of the pedal.

Robert and other Renault Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
For prob 1, I know they checked fuel pump and filter for faults. I had red light ignition problem. Dx said misfires all cyls.

I had TPS error codes and Throttle end stroke faults on Dx. ref probs 2 and 3 (not 1 and 2 as mentioned earlier) which led to new throttle assembly but a note to say if recurs suspect Throttle Body. I was getteing amber warning light intermittent then more permeant.

On recurrence my father had to be rescued by AA who stripped throttle and sprayed potentiometer reassembled (twice) and told to go straight to garage. Hence now Throttle body problem was referred to renault who agreed ands garied out replacement, resealed and reprogrammed.

I wasn't sure if TPS was in Throttle Body or Throttle assembly. Two sensors, I guess one to generate potentinal and another to recieve and act on it based on ECU perhaps. I am kind of using educated guesswork here and am just curious.

Am concerned AA man intervention could have compromised new throttle and only got my dad going by coincidence anyway.

I am ot planning on taking any action against anyone as I recognise it is a bit like medics, science, art and experience combined!