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How Secure Remote Assistance Works

  1. Agree to the Secure Remote Assistance Legal Disclaimer below.
  2. The Secure Remote Assistance client file will automatically download to your computer.
  3. Open the Secure Remote Assistance client file on your computer and you will be connected to a session with your Expert.
  4. After agreeing to the Secure Remote Assistance Legal Disclaimer, you can always download the client again if need be.

Download the Secure Remote Assistance client file again

Secure Remote Assistance Legal Disclaimer

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You understand and agree to give the Expert full access to and control over your computer (including permission to download and use software on your computer, gather system data, modify settings, etc.) for computer diagnosis, service and repair; that any third-party software acquired, installed or used during the RemoteDesktop session, by you or the Expert, will be licensed to you, and any terms of use agreed to by you; that JustAnswer may record via video the RemoteDesktop session for the purpose of quality control; and that you will not use the Expert’s services to do anything unlawful.

JustAnswer strongly recommends that you at all times maintain a complete data backup and disaster recovery plan.

By clicking on the below button, you acknowledge that you understand and agree that the Expert is just a user of the Site and not an employee or agent of JustAnswer; that JustAnswer is not responsible for the Expert’s responses, answers, actions, or use of the RemoteDesktop; and that the site and services are provided “as is” with no warranty or representations by JustAnswer regarding the qualifications of Experts. To see what credentials have been verified by a third-party service, please click on the “Verified” symbol in the Experts’ profiles.