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Dr.G., Psychologist
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My girlfriend and i are in serious relation since 1 month,

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Hello,My girlfriend and i are in serious relation since 1 month , we spend all day together and when we are not together we are chatting through whatsapp all the time. Its like almost 24/7. I love her she loves me.But there is a problem , that even though she loves me she have trust issues . I understand that , and i was honest with her and told her about every personal detail in my life before her and during our relation.I had a friend , she is a girl , that i used to go with to the gym , we motivated each other to workout and we were like almost brother/sis .
So my girlfriend dont believe in such a thing, i broke all contacts with my old friend . And even subscribed to another Gym with my girlfriend.
And i gave her my phone , to browse and delete all photos , conversations, contact number , remove from facebook friends and insta .... i opened everything for her yo see that no way i can get in contact with her again .
And even showed her screenshot of the conversation were i told her i cant talk to her anymore because i want to make it work with my girlfriend and what she replied( that she dont want me to talk to her anymore and even if i did she will never even reply...)So everyday my girlfriend re-open the subject about this girl and ask me to be honest that im not talking to her again , i sweared to god and showed he everything that proves that there is no contact between us.But she always make a fight about it and insists that im talking to her again behind her back ( though its impossible am always with her and i dont even have time to talk or chat to someone else even my guy friends)then after each fight she apologize and promise that she will change and that the problem is her trust issue and will never doubt again in me , and if she did again i brokeup with her. I forgive her and move one everytime because i love her and wanna give her time to get over her trust issue.Everyday this happens , though its making me stressed and want to brake up , i give her another chance. Even now when she do it and make me so upset and mad and tell her its over , she turn it over me and says that im giving up on her so easily .Im out of ideas on how to solve this issue and make things work together , i really love her and she loves me. But these fights everyday will ruin everything.Help pleaseYves.

Hi there. Your situation is a very common one. You keep mentioning loving each other but yet I don't see it on your girlfriend's part. She may have trust issues due to past relationships but she is also demonstrating severe immaturity and poor self-control. The typical pattern in this type of relationship that eventually the relationship ends because of this detrimental pattern. Eventually will you have enough of getting unfairly accused and you will end it with her. This happens the majority of the time in these types of relationships. You are an open book and doing everything to comfort her and reassure her yet it is never good enough. This is not a relationship built on trust. You can't solve her problems. If you are acting in a respectable and trustworthy manner and she can't see that then she has serious mental problems. There is nothing more you can do. She will lose you and push you away because of her behavior. Maybe it is for the best. What do you think?

Customer: replied 30 days ago.
True , that what i told her and thats what i am afraid of.

Well again, you are not in a true mutually loving relationship because she does not trust you. She is always suspicious of you and questions your motives. This is a one way relationship and those tend to burn out the person that is actually doing the loving.

please don't forget to accept the answer so i get credit for my time.

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