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I was always interested in dream interpretation as a

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I was always interested in dream interpretation as a Adolescent and young teenager. My dreams were always very Vivid sometimes scary to where I wake up because of my own voice. I slept walked a few times and somewhat recalled the event. I bought a dream book and started further investigating. I would wake up during my dream read the book and fall back asleep and start right back where I left off for my dream. I was able to take control of my dream which was one of the craziest but awesome things I've ever done with my mind. Is it normal for people to do things as such? And I also used to fall off cliffs and steps and bridges and other High structures only to never hit the bottom but would jump out of my bed before I hit the bottom. What exactly does that stand for?

Hi there. I can relate to a lot of what you say. I think taking control of your dream is not very common but is highly advised. People with ptsd have frequent nightmares and no we try to encourage them to turn their dreams into something less distressful. Another common theme is patterns or the same dream happening throughout life. I know I have certain dreams when I am under stress or anxious about something. I would be skeptical of someone telling you exactly what the dream means, because ultimately we do not know. For the most part, they are random and make no sense at all. You may want to have a sleep study done to see your brain activity while sleeping. Sleep walking can be very dangerous. I hope this helps.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
I had a sleep study done when I was 19. I'm 35 now. They said I never.stay in my stage 5 realm sleep stage. I and out. Which was causing me to not feel rested after waking up.

Makes sense. You don't hit that deep sleep and so not getting restful sleep. As far as the vivid dreams, I think that is just your nature. Some people never remember their dreams, others can recall every dream. You may also want to look into hypnogogic hallucinations and see if this is an issue with you, because it is for me.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Unfortunately that night before the study I had stayed out late and partied. So I was really sleepy. And the room was so cold and comfortable. I slept so good. The study really wasn't a normal night where I fight my thoughts just to calm myself to be able to fall asleep. And stay asleep. I have most of the time needed a sedative. Rather it be a PM otc or a benzoyl or my favorite a joint / bowl of the good stuff. I would fall asleep fast. And stay asleep without the nightmares. No pot. Nightmares. Weird...

We need to make the distinction between vivid dreams and nightmare. Usually nightmares are triggered by some trauma. That is why there is a high correlation between ptsd and nightmares. If we are just talking about vivid dreams then that can typically be normal. I would look at the reason for needing a sedative. Too much caffeine? Poor sleep hygiene? or is it due to your circadian rhythm?

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
I've taken caffeine out of my diet several years ago including morning coffee or midday caffeinated drink. Still no major difference at times it did make it easier to fall asleep but it never really cured it so to speak. My my childhood was was very unpleasant up until about 16 years old I started working staying away from home more staying busy with school activities Sports and my friends of course. Now that I've got a child of my own and going on 36 you would think that I would fall asleep easier due to the fact of being sleep deprived for so many years as my baby boy was an infant I was deprived of sleep for for 2 years straight but was very intuitive of my son moving around making any noises I would wake up instantly so I was always the one getting up in the middle of night with them because it was wake me up anyway. Still to this day I'm a very light sleeper and it frustrates me because I can't just sleep through mild sounds. They've tried several different antidepressants and a few other medications that did not fit the category that they should have been given me I needed something that would knock me out and keep me in knocked out but always had an excuse saying they were too addictive or to habit forming but yet sleep is very important so it was like a Juggle back and forth of right and wrong
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
When I knew what had worked for me in the past self-medicating myself with medical marijuana and or a benzo Valium Xanax sleep aids over the counter which I had to take twice the dose in order for it to even work. I've always had a high tolerance to any medication. I'm 6-1 200 lb so it took more to knock me out and keep me knocked out. And then the tolerance level made it to where I had to up the dosage. No I would get these drugs through friends and family and it was cheaper for me to do so then go make another doctor's appointment and they give me something that I already knew was not going to work. What should I do?

Well, I think it might be time for an accurate sleep study. As a therapist, we usually work on sleep hygiene, routines, decreasing stimulants, working on anxiety, low stimulation etc. THese are all behavioral things you can do. However, because heavy doses of meds are not working for you then we should figure out if there is anything physiological causing the sleep disturbance. So, I say start with a good sleep study and go from there. No sense in taking some of these addictive drugs that only increases your tolerance and makes you rely on more and more. What do you think?

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Makes perfect sense to me. I'll look into again and get a appointment made with a new doctor with your advise taken with me. Thanks for your time and professional advice. Have a great day. Thanks again

you are welcome and best wishes. please don't forget to accept the answer so I get credit.

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