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Many people appear to be good and nice. Some turns out to be

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Many people appear to be good and nice. Some turns out to be the opposite or even nightmare later on. How to find out the true face of people? I think some people ask where this person grew up: does/how this help to find out the true face of this person? Thanks.
Well I agree with your assessment. Personally, there is only one true measure who is good and evil. That is if they area a believer in Jesus Christ. If they are a believer and follower then they are considered righteous in the eyes of God. If they are not a believer then they are considered children of the Prince of darkness. To me that is the true test in life. Otherwise no one is good and is sinful by nature. Does this help?
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Wondered how I can find out it they are a believer in Jesus Christ?

I think just talking about their spirituality and what their beliefs are in a higher power. Sometimes I share my testimony and beliefs and this sparks conversation. Usually that is how I approach the subject and it is met with respect.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.

There is a national non-for-profit organization providing no cost business mentoring. Their business mentors are volunteers. A government agency partners with this organization. I heard this government agency also fund this organization. My questions are, why the management of this organization are so rude, so rude that I think I've never seen from any other organizations before. I suppose they are non for profit, and they are volunteers so they should be nicer than other organizations? Thanks.

Is it typical for management in these kind of organizations be so rude? I don't feel there is any customer service at all. Thanks.

I am not sure why they are so rude. Usually volunteers are nicer. Maybe they are feeling pressure on the back end and the organization is coming down on them. But this is all a guess. I don't think it is typical behavior though.

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Customer: replied 18 days ago.
I'm very sorry I was away for a while. Thanks for your help with my questions (the last question was meant to be a new question but not sure why it showed up in this thread, and thanks for answering it as well).I'm rating your answer for 5-star now. At the same time I have a follow up question, and it would be great if you could help: I really like your approach of asking "I think just talking about their spirituality and what their beliefs are in a higher power", and would you be able to suggest a few examples, such as should I ask someone directly "what's your belief" or "what's your spirituality?", or indirectly? Thank you.