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TherapistJen, LCSW, CPC
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I spoke with the guy about his life, his business and the

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Hi Jen,
I spoke with the guy about his life, his business and the job offer. He sounded super stressed and he admitted that he was burned out.
After we covered all ground he said... "Listen, I got a call coming in, I have got to go and it was nice talking to you."
What was weird is that doing the job from home he said is good and he has remote people that work from home. Than the conversation was cut abruptly and it took me by surprise. What was missing was a conclusion or a plan for follow up as to when to meet or train for the position etc..
Do you think he changed his mind during the conversation, and if so, he should have told me so.
perplexed. as the conversation I thought was going pretty well. Or maybe he will call back again, or do I contact him again about the job. (it is all weird and fragmented to me)
thanks Dee
Hi dee forgive me for any typos I'm speaking into my phone. And I don't have my reading glasses on so we've got a few strikes against us right now hahaha. It is unclear to me based on what you said as to whether he lost interest but I don't know that it has to do with you or more to do with his stress level and things that are going on for him. But it may help give you some insight as to whether you would want to accept the position from him if he were to offer it. Let's not jump the gun and wait and see what happens with him I would not reach out again let's just wait a day or so and then we can decide what feels right for you.
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Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Okay thanks Jen !
Much appreciated. That is a good plan. It probably is his stress level.
Yes, I also would have to consider whether I would work for his company like this.
Good day ;)
we will see if it was just a bad day or something else. So as we always do we will pause and evaluate and then go from there.