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John-Michaels, Counselor (LPC)
Category: Relationship
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Experience:  25+ years helping resolve relational issues.
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I was dating a girl for a year and a half besides minor

Customer Question

I was dating a girl for a year and a half besides minor fighting here and there we were awesome for each other. Over the last month I had a bad span of anxiety where I couldn't even really leave the house. She had a hard time with this and maybe not getting the attention I used to give her. Last week we got into a fight and I said things I may regret for a while. Saying that she's acting like a child about all of this and I'm tired of her. She took this to heart and broke up with me. She blocked my number and everything. The other night I woke up with a text message from her saying she's very heartbroken and wishes I didn't say any of that because it hurt her so bad. I called her later that day to address it and she said she was just lonely and shouldn't have sent that message. I started talking to an old friend and posted a picture on instagram with another girl and she was very very mad at me and it led to her saying she didn't love me anymore. Now for the questions. Should I keep fighting for her? Should I give her space? Should I move on? Does it seem like she's doing this for my attention since I didn't give it for so long? Please help I'm a mess. Just last week we were telling each other we loved each other.
Submitted: 5 months ago.
Category: Relationship
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
I went to talk to her at work. She cracked a laugh a couple times. And even started crying a few times when I was talking to her about it. I really feel like I hurt her and I just want her to give me another chance. I feel like she still loves me by her actions but she says otherwise.
Expert:  John-Michaels replied 5 months ago.
Hello! I am John. I am an LPC and a relationship counselor. Iam going to try to help you . Please give me a moment as I look over you question. Thank you!
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Thank you!
Expert:  John-Michaels replied 5 months ago.
My thoughts are, all you can do is try. If you want her back though, he probably should not be talking to other girls. If I were you, I would offer a heartfelt apology, ask for her forgiveness, and then give her space and time to go around. I would Decide first how long that might be
Expert:  John-Michaels replied 5 months ago.
I would not put my life on hold for too long waiting on her once I have apologized. All you can do is what you can do. Does that make sense to you?
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Yeah I suppose it does make sense. Maybe just wait a week or two to see if she comes around, right? This might be hard for you to answer but, from what little info I told you, does it sound like she has lost my feelings for me? Or does it sound like she unsure of me now?
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Typo correction: does it sound like she has lost all feelings for me?
Expert:  John-Michaels replied 5 months ago.
I don't think she has lost all feelings for you. To be honest, it sounds like she's a little self centered. But then, aren't we all...
Expert:  John-Michaels replied 5 months ago.
I hope I have been helpful. Will you do me a favor and accept my answer so I can receive credit for?
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
That we are, thank you. I suppose Ill give her the space she says she wants and maybe try to contact her in a week or two.
Expert:  John-Michaels replied 5 months ago.
That's sounds good.