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I have a tenant. She is very different than other tenants

Customer Question

I have a tenant. She is very different than other tenants I've had. I'm trying to understand how she becomes the way she is, and how to interact with her. For example, she thought my professional cleaning ladies didn't clean the house good enough. I checked the house and it was clean to me, but I offered to send cleaning ladies over again. She didn't agree, instead she wanted me to tell those cleaning ladies they didn't do a good job. Normal tenants would just let me to send cleaners over to fix issues if there are any. I think just blaming cleaning ladies is mean and I couldn't do it.Thanks for your time.
Submitted: 4 months ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  VA-NP replied 4 months ago.


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Expert:  VA-NP replied 4 months ago.

There is no way to tell how she became the way she is, what caused it, etc. A psychologist would need to spend several sessions with her to determine that.

As for how to handle someone like this practically, you need to be clear, complete, and concise. For instance, when she says the cleaners didn't get the house "clean enough," you need to ask her to show you all the areas that aren't cleaned to her specifications. Then you can decide if she is just being unreasonable or if the specific areas aren't really clean. In any case, the only acceptable solution if it isn't clean to an average person is to have the areas recleaned. What you say to your cleaners is really none of her business. When you talk to their supervisor and request a recleaning, it will the supervisor's job to discuss expectations with the cleaners.